‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy: Can You Find Extra Bonus Candy When Walking a Buddy?

pokemon go second candy buddy

Can you get a bonus second candy when walking your Pokemon Go Buddy? (Niantic)

Pokemon Go trainers have become quite comfortable now with walking their Pokemon Buddies, but there are now rumors that you may sometimes find two candies when you’re walking your Pokemon Buddy. Is this true? Just how many candies do you get for walking a Buddy? We’re going to look at rumors that you might sometimes get a bonus, extra candy when you’re walking your Pokemon Go Buddy.

Here’s what you need to know.

Niantic hasn’t officially announced when or why trainers might sometimes be rewarded “extra” candies. But trainers have noticed that this sometimes happens. In Heavy’s story posted here, we provided a handy chart that broke down exactly how far you will need to walk each species of Pokemon Buddy in order for your Buddy to find one candy. The distance varies from 1 km, 3 km, or 5 km depending on your Pokemon Buddy species. When you reach the required distance, your Pokemon will find exactly one candy.

But sometimes, an extra second candy appears. Is it a glitch or is something else going on in the game’s code? Players who also post on Reddit’s The Silph Road shared their experiences with these random extra candy.

Redditor mikesierrafox noted that his Graveler found two candies eight minutes apart, making it appear as if one of those candies was a random bonus candy. He shared the photo below.

pokemon go extra candy


In addition to MikeSierraFox’s discovery, other trainers are saying that their Buddies sometimes find two candies when completing a walk, rather than just one candy. But there’s no apparent pattern for when this happens. Some trainers believe that the more you walk your Buddy, the more likely you are to find an extra candy. But Redditor wideasleep3 said that he and his wife are both walking Lapras. She found a bonus candy at 15 km. Meanwhile he’s walked over 80 km without any bonus candy.

Some trainers are thinking it’s a glitch in the game or maybe some kind of lag error where players’ distance is being calculated later than expected. But trainers who are seeing the extra candy insist it’s not due to lag. MikeSierraFox said on Reddit that his Buddy Graveler found a candy at .8 km. When he reached 1 km, his Buddy found another candy. At 13.5 km his Buddy found yet another candy. There has to be bonus candy popping up in there, he wrote. The bonus candy is being reported with all sorts of Pokemon. Some trainers are reporting finding two candies at a time with Vulpix and Ponyta, who require walking 3 km for candy. And Redditor sts_ssp found two candies at a time when walking Snorlax, which requires a 5 km walk for one candy.

Other trainers are speculating that the extra candy might be connected to hatching an egg. Redditor b_Unr34l commented that his Growlithe found two candies after walking 12 km. He had also hatched two 10 km eggs around that time. However, another Redditor said that he was hatching eggs while walking his Growlithe and found no bonus candies.

So right now, the consensus is that finding an extra candy does sometimes happen, but when it happens may just be a random occurrence. We’ll update this article if we get more information about finding an extra candy.

If you want to see if your Buddy picked up extra, random candy, then just check your Pokemon Go Journal to see if candies were found at strange intervals. Then let us know in the comments below if you’ve noticed extra candies being found outside of the expected walking intervals. And share your information with this Reddit thread, where they’re compiling data on when trainers’ Buddies are collecting two candy at a time instead of one.

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