‘Pokemon Go’ Damage Per Second Chart: Ranking Each Move by DPS

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Pokemon Go is now available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

In Pokemon Go, the free-to-play mobile game from Niantic, each Pokemon has a unique set of moves, and knowing which are most effective is vital before going out and attempting to conquer gyms. But figuring this out is a bit more difficult than you might expect.

Luckily, fans have put together helpful resources that break down exactly how much damage every move in the game does. Also important to know is a move’s damage per second, or DPS, as you want to be both as fierce and as fast as possible. A move’s DPS represents how much damage it does over a certain period of time, and it’s determined by dividing the amount of damage it deals out by the number of seconds the animation takes.

It should be noted that having a high DPS doesn’t automatically make a move great, as you also want to take into account how often you can use the move and how much energy it requires. But with that in mind, Gamepress has assembled some helpful data regarding the damage per second of every move in Pokemon Go, which we’ve presented in the chart below. For more information about each move’s power, cooldown, and energy generated per second, head over to the Gamepress page.

Move Damage Per Second
Cross Chop 30.00
Stone Edge 25.81
Body Slam 25.64
Blizzard 25.64
Power Whip 25.00
Megahorn 25.00
Hurricane 25.00
Solar Beam 24.49
Fire Blast 24.39
Hyper Beam 24.00
Earthquake 23.81
Hydro Pump 23.68
Thunder 23.26
Dragon Claw 21.88
Gunk Shot 21.67
Sludge Bomb 21.15
Heat Wave 21.05
Moonblast 20.73
Sludge Wave 20.59
Thunderbolt 20.37
Petal Blizzard 20.31
Psychic 19.64
Leaf Blade 19.64
Aqua Tail 19.15
Flamethrower 18.97
Play Rough 18.97
Brick Break 18.75
Dragon Pulse 18.06
Ice Beam 17.81
Bug Buzz 17.65
Cross Poison 16.67
X-Scissor 16.67
Hyper Fang 16.67
Seed Bomb 16.67
Thunder Punch 16.67
Bone Club 15.63
Rock Slide 15.63
Flash Cannon 15.38
Iron Head 15.00
Psyshock 14.81
Drill Peck 14.81
Drill Run 14.71
Shadow Ball 14.61
Signal Beam 14.52
Flame Burst 14.29
Stomp 14.29
Submission 14.29
Fire Punch 14.29
Discharge 14.00
Power Gem 13.79
Scald 13.75
Low Sweep 13.33
Dazzling Gleam 13.10
Pound 12.96
Dark Pulse 12.86
Ice Punch 12.86
Metal Claw 12.70
Psycho Cut 12.28
Dig 12.07
Water Gun 12.00
Bite 12.00
Dragon Breath 12.00
Scratch 12.00
Wing Attack 12.00
Fire Fang 11.90
Vice Grip 11.90
Shadow Claw 11.58
Feint Attack 11.54
Mud Bomb 11.54
Sludge 11.54
Zen Headbutt 11.43
Poison Jab 11.43
Horn Attack 11.36
Steel Wing 11.28
Bug Bite 11.11
Frost Breath 11.11
Mud Slap 11.11
Night Slash 11.11
Mug Shot 10.91
Tackle 10.91
Bubble 10.87
Vine Whip 10.77
Ice Shard 10.71
Magnet Bomb 10.71
Rock Smash 10.64
Aqua Jet 10.64
Cut 10.62
Water Pulse 10.61
Psybeam 10.53
Poison Fang 10.42
Brine 10.42
Razor Leaf 10.34
Bubble Beam 10.34
Aerial Ace 10.34
Bulldoze 10.29
Lick 10.00
Sucker Punch 10.00
Spark 10.00
Swift 10.00
Confusion 9.93
Ancient Power 9.72
Ominous Wind 9.68
Acid 9.52
Draining Kiss 8.93
Struggle 8.85
Rock Throw 8.82
Rock Tomb 8.82
Peck 8.70
Flame Wheel 8.70
Low Kick 8.33
Thunder Shock 8.33
Bullet Punch 8.33
Flame Charge 8.06
Quick Attack 7.52
Fury Cutter 7.50
Karate Chop 7.50
Icy Wind 6.58
Disarming Voice 6.41
Wrap 6.25
Splash 0.00


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