‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Guide: How to Get Items From Poke Stops

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Pokemon Go Plus is now available in stores. (Gamestop)

Pokemon Go Plus, the new wearable device from Nintendo, has just been released. So how does it work, exactly?

The appeal behind Plus is that it allows Pokemon trainers to play the game throughout their day without having their phone out all the time. Without Plus, players have to keep the app open and their smartphone unlocked in order to register movement or catch Pokemon, but with Plus, you can lock your phone and slip it away in your pocket.

Several actions are completed with Plus just by pressing the device’s one button, and one of those is collecting items from Poke Stops. Here’s what you need to know: When you’re near a Poke Stop, the Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate. The light will also turn blue; under no under circumstances will it turn this color, so just remember that blue means you’re by a Poke Stop.

Then, all you have to do is tap the button once, and the device will automatically spin the Poke Stop and collect its items for you. Also, if you’re still within range of that Poke Stop five minutes later, the device will vibrate again to let you know you can spin a second time.

Of course, because the Plus device has no display on it, you’ll have to check the journal within the game itself in order to see the items you got. But this is a nice way to collect items while you’re doing other things. Say, for instance, you’re on your way to work or to school and you’re passing by a bunch of Poke Stops in a row. Because you’re in a hurry, you might not have time to take out your phone, check to see if there are Poke Stops nearby, swipe them to get the items, etc. But with Plus, while walking you can just press a single button when you’re told to, and you’ll no longer be missing out on all those benefits.

In general, Plus seems to be most useful in this kind of a situation, when you’re out about and busy but still want to get a few items or catch some Pokemon. Because of Plus’ limitations, such as the inability to throw different types of Poke Balls, it might fall short when you’re actively trying to play the game and have a very intense hunting session. But for players who want to make it a bit more convenient for themselves to measure distance traveled, get items and catch Pokemon while going about their day, Plus satisfies that desire.

Pokemon Go Plus is currently sold out on many online outlets, but it is currently available from Gamestop, both on their website and in many of their stores.

‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Launch: Can You Still Get One Without a Preorder?

Pokemon Go Plus, the new wearable device from Nintendo, goes on sale this Friday. Is it still possible to buy one without having a preorder?

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  1. we are having issues with pokemon being around pokestops that we know of. So it’s flashing green and we don’t want those pokemon we just want the pokestop. Is there something you can do that will tell it that’s not something I want so it can register the pokestop