‘Pokemon Go’ Plus: How to Use a Buddy with the Device

pokemon go plus

Can you use a buddy with Pokemon Go Plus? (Niantic)

Can you use a Buddy with your Pokemon Go Plus device? The answer is a little complicated. Although you can’t actively choose and switch a Pokemon Buddy with your Pokemon Go Plus device, the new wearable still brings certain advantages to the Buddy process that you don’t have when using the app alone.

Here’s what you need to know.

With your Pokemon Go Plus device, you can’t choose a new Buddy or switch Buddies. However, the app does appear to track distance even when your phone is locked and in your pocket. This means that if your phone is locked and you’re wearing your device, the distance that you’re walking will likely still count toward your Buddy’s candy distance. The device should also be able to track distance if you’re using it while the app is running in the background on your phone and you’re using another app.

Originally, Niantic had said that the device wasn’t going to count your steps while it was in the background, but it appears this is not the case. Niantic never announced the change officially, but this Australian Nintendo website, which originally reported it would not track distance in the background, now reports that it does. And now, according to Pokemon Go‘s FAQs, the device does count distance when Pokemon Go is running in the background. This distance will apply to hatching an egg, the FAQ says. Since egg hatching distance is tracked the same way as Buddy distance, it’s likely that the device will also be able to track your Buddy’s distance even if your phone’s app is only on in the background. We’re still waiting for official confirmation from Niantic on this, but Pokemon Go trainers are reporting that this has been the case for them.

This can make a significant difference in accumulating distance if you don’t have to just keep the app open on your phone all the time. However, don’t travel too far from your phone. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you’ll need to be within 30 feet. Also, according to Redditor DrumNTech, the device itself isn’t tracking distance. It’s simply keeping the app on your phone awake, so it tracks the distance you’ve traveled even if the phone is locked.

However, some trainers are reporting a few bugs with the Pokemon Go Plus. Some have said that after walking about 1 km with their phone locked, the device stopped scanning and notifying them about Pokemon. Others have said that the Plus seems to sometimes just disconnect from the phone, so they check every 30 minutes or so to make sure it’s still connected. In light of these concerns, you might want to check your device from time to time to make sure that it’s still working and connected to your phone.

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