‘Rock Band 4’ Rivals: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rock Band 4 Rivals

Rock Band 4 has been given plenty of post-launch support in the form of several DLC tracks.

The flood of songs from different genres that have been added to the Rock Band 4 library have all been amazing, but something even bigger is coming this Fall. A major expansion is arriving soon and with it comes new playable modes and even more DLC songs. Welcome to Rock Band 4’s “Rivals” expansion, which will make everyone’s favorite music peripheral franchise even better than before. There’s a lot to break down with the Rivals DLC, which is why we’re taking it upon ourselves to explain all of it to you.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rock Band 4’s Rivals DLC.

1. The Biggest Add-On Coming with Rivals is Rockudrama

Remember VH1’s Behind the Music TV show? It focused on some of the biggest musical artists and delved into their greatest triumphs and disappointing downfalls. Rivals is set to bring on a new mode that’s reminiscent of that retro documentary series. This playable rock ‘n roll documentary mode has been dubbed as “Rockudrama,” which follows you and your touring band on a fictional show called “Beneath the Tuneage.”

A narrator will speak on the highs and lows of your journey to superstardom and feature live interviews by the people who’ve paid attention to your band’s exploits. Rockudrama Mode is set to add new venues to play in, new items for the Rock Shop and a variety of fresh gameplay challenges to complete. Check out the trailer above to get a visual preview of what else Rockudrama will entail.

2. A New Form of Asynchronous Multiplayer is Also on the Way

Along with Rockudrama, Rivals is also throwing in a new feature that focuses on asynchronous multiplayer. This new mode (“Crews”) allows you to group up with your best friends and put together a new band. This Crew has to constantly complete weekly online challenges in order to climb the leaderboards through your gameplay efforts. Playing in modes such as Quickplay and Rockudrama will help you contribute to your crew’s progress and help them ascend over rival crews. More updates are coming to Crews Mode this year and into 2017, which will only come to those who own the Rivals DLC expansion.

3. Pre-Ordering the Rivals Expansion Will Add 10 More Songs to Your Rock Band 4 Library

Rock Band 4 Rivals is dropping new songs onto your hard drive? Pretty much. And that shouldn’t come as a shock since this series is known for giving its fans plenty of new songs to master. If you decide to digitally pre-order Rivals or its separate physical bundles, you’ll automatically get access to 10 brand new tracks. If you’ve been chomping at the bit to finally sing or play Pharrell Williams “Happy” in the comfort of your living room, you’re now in luck. That song and several other quality selections can be found in the pre-order DLC tracks list posted below:

Bring Me The Horizon: “Happy Song”
Capital Cities: “Safe and Sound”
Eagle-Eye Cherry: “Save Tonight”
Pharrell Williams: “Happy”
The Neighbourhood: “Sweater Weather”
Of Monsters And Men: “Little Talks”
Semisonic: Closing Time”
Sia: “Chandelier”
Skillet: “Feel Invincible”
Weezer: “King of the World”
Maroon 5: “One More Night” (Amazon Pre-Order Exclusive)
Matchbox 20: “3AM” (Amazon Pre-Order Exclusive)

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4. There’s a Few Cool DLC Bonuses That Comes With Digital Pre-Orders

Rock Band 4 Rivals

The songs we just mentioned aren’t the only bonus items that comes with digital pre-orders of Rivals. You’ll also get to rock out with some new items that’ll become a part of your Rock Shop: a cheeseburger T-shirt that your in-game avatar can wear, plus a brand spanking new Golden Sword Guitar. So all in all, your digital pre-order will gift you with 10 new tracks, a pretty slick piece of wearable gear and a new epic guitar to wield.

Buy an Xbox Digital Gift Card here so you can purchase the Rock Band 4 Rivals expansion through XBL.

Buy a PSN Digital Gift Card here so you can purchase the Rock Band 4 Rivals expansion on the PS4.

5. You Can Also Access the Rivals Expansion Through These Physical Bundles

Rock Band Rivals Jaguar

PDP, the video game accessory product company, is crafting some new physical gear for Rivals’ bundles. If you just want to bring home a new guitar, there’s a Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Bundle available. This beautiful guitar comes adorned in blue and can easily be transported due to its ability to be folded after use. This guitar’s auto calibration is improved over previous Rock Band 4 guitars, plus it comes with five additional frets at the top of its neck and better precision/accuracy when you play at higher difficulty levels.

Buy the Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Bundle for Xbox One here.

Buy the Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Bundle for PS4 here.

Rock Band Rivals Band Kit

If you’re ready to get the guitar plus a brand new drum set, then the Rock Band Rivals Band Kit is your best option. This combo pack will grant you access to the Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller, a new drum set and a freshly minted metal kick pedal.

Buy the Rock Band Rivals Band Kit for Xbox One here.

Buy the Rock Band Rivals Band Kit for PS4 here.

Rock Band Rivals

Rock Band 4 Rivals can also be purchased from a number of different retailers. You can check out the buyer’s guide pic posted above to figure out which store has the bonus items you truly desire to own. You should expect to become a part of Rivals’ wealth of new content this October.

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