WATCH: ‘Pokemon Go’ Player Mugged While Streaming Live on Twitch

A man was mugged while playing Pokemon Go in Central Park on Sunday night, and the entire incident was broadcast live on Twitch.

Rickeybot, a streamer who broadcasts Pokemon Go gameplay, was out in Central Park on Sunday evening playing the mobile app that requires users to go out and explore the real world. His video was being watched live on Twitch, a website on which millions of users broadcast themselves playing video games.

Those watching Rickeybot on Sunday evening were shocked when he was suddenly assaulted and mugged live on the air. A man who appears to be wearing a headlamp stole the streamer’s electronics including the camera he was using to stream on Twitch.

On Twitter, Rickeybot informed his followers that he was headed to the hospital after speaking with police and that his “jaw is a mess.” He also said that he has his own video of the incident that he will be passing along to the authorities.

Rickeybot’s Twitch account is currently banned for 24 hours, possibly so that the assailant can not tamper with it and steal the man’s donations from fans who want to show support.

This is not the first mugging to happen to a Pokemon Go player, although it is the first one that was broadcast live on the Internet. While the dangers of Pokemon Go have generally been a bit exaggerated by the media, many similar crime stories have popped up since the game launched in July, including an incident where three teens were mugged at knifepoint while using the app.

“We know that criminals move quickly to exploit the latest developments to target victims and Pokemon Go will already be in their sights,” Detective Superintendent Joanne Rawlinson said at the time. “There have already been incidents in America where young people are thought to have been targeted through the app.”

The following images of the suspect were taken from the above video and posted on Reddit:

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