What Are the ‘Pokemon Go’ Daily Bonuses & Additional Items?



Thanks to the newest update, Pokemon Go trainers will now be getting special daily bonuses every day, with an extra bonuses rewarded for playing seven days in a row. But what exactly are these bonuses?

Here’s what you need to know.

According to Niantic, the new daily bonuses will be rewarded for capturing Pokemon and for spinning Pokestops. Players are hoping that Niantic will eventually add in even more bonuses than these. In fact, early rumors about these daily bonus quests indicated that players might even get incubators for their daily activities.

The 47 Niantic Teams shared with Heavy that to celebrate the new Daily Bonus feature, through November 11 Niantic is going to increase the number of Pokemon caught in the wild, along with items obtained from Pokestop spins. The extra items at Pokestops will include more Great Balls and, if you’re at level 20 or higher, more Ultra Balls.

Here are the rewards you’ll be getting:

Daily Rewards for Catching Pokemon

Every day, you’ll get a bonus of 500 XP for the first Pokemon that you catch. You’ll also get a bonus of 600 stardust for the first Pokemon that you catch.

After seven consecutive days, you’ll get 2,000 XP and 2,400 stardust.

Daily Rewards for Spinning Pokestops

Every day, you’ll get a bonus of 500 XP for the first Pokestop that you spin. You’ll also get “additional items” for each Pokestop spin. We don’t know yet exactly what these additional items are, but we’ll add the information to this article as it’s available. Some have rumored that incubators might be among these items.

After seven consecutive days, you’ll get 2,000 XP and a greater number of “additional items.”

Here’s a chart summarizing everything:

Action Frequency Reward
Catch Pokemon First time a day 500 XP and 600 Stardust
Catch Pokemon 7th consecutive day 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust
Spin Pokestop First time a day 500 XP and “additional items”
Spin Pokestop 7th consecutive day 2,000 XP and more “additional items”

Here’s a photo from Niantic summarizing the rewards:



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  1. You should also report on the negatives, like now pokestops won’t work over a certain speed. So unless you are in a high density pokestop area the game has become completely useless now.
    Niantic should really put out a guide on the ways to kill a surprise smash hit game:
    1. release an incomplete an buggy game with features that people actually want.
    2. continue to rollout said buggy alpha game
    3. release changes to alpha game disguised as patches that slowly remove the features people want.
    4. do not under any circumstances listen to the player base.
    5. Spend time and effort blocking aspects of the game, rightly or wrongly, that kept people playing.
    6. remove more features.
    7. Continue removing features as token updates are added.
    8. still make sure you don’t listen to player base, nor communicate your plans.
    9. remove the last of the features that people still want.
    10. start charging people to play