‘Pokemon Go’: Which Eggs Hatch the New Baby Pokemon?
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‘Pokemon Go’: Which Eggs Hatch the New Baby Pokemon?



Pokemon Go has announced that new baby Pokemon will begin hatching from eggs starting today. But exactly which eggs will they hatch from? For Trainers who want to get these baby Pokemon as quickly as possible, they’ll want to make sure they’re incubating the right eggs.

Here’s what you need to know.

It looks like at least some of these baby Pokemon are going to be hatched from 2 km eggs. That means you’ll be able to get a baby Pokemon really soon! Once it appears, your Pokedex will expand to accommodate the new species.

The first reported hatched Pokemon was an Igglybuff, hatched from a 2km egg, The Silph Road reported:

Here’s a list of which eggs hatch which baby Pokemon, as reported by Trainers who’ve hatched them so far.

  • Cleffa – 2 km egg (verified)
  • Igglybuff – 2 km egg (verified)
  • Togepi – 5 km egg (according to the Niantic video)
  • Pichu – 5 km egg (verified)
  • Elekid – 10 km egg (posted here)
  • Magby – 10 km egg
  • Smoochum – 10 km egg

Have you hatched a baby Pokemon yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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All I am missing is togepi and cleffa no one ik has hatched either one of those. I very rarely don’t have 9 eggs to hatch and hatch them rather quickly by running app while walking my puppy

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