RapidX Ferrino Line Gaming & Lifestyle Chair Review

The gaming chair & lifestyle market is ruled by a number of standout companies, such as 4Gamer, X Rocker, Langria, Kinsai etc. Another gaming chair maker by the name of RapidX has entered the fold with their Ferrino and Finish Line series. This reviewer recently came into owning one of the Ferrino chairs himself, which is why it’s the main subject of this gaming peripheral review. Upon receiving this product, the RapidX Ferrino Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair comes split up into a bunch of manageable parts. While the process of actually constructing your new chair may seem daunting, your fears will quickly subside once you follow the company’s helpful tutorial video. The only difficulties that arose during the building process were the heavy parts that needed to be lifted and having to connect the wheels into the chair’s base.

Once your newly acquired gaming chair is fully built, you’ll soon become acquainted with its maximum comfortability. If you’re of the taller kind, then this latest piece of gaming furniture will match your body structure. The upper and lower back support offered by this chair is top-notch due to the different positions you can set it to and the two pillow add-on’s attached to the chair. It’s reclining measurements (which can be set from an 85- to 165-degree angle) allows you to feel as cozy as possible while gaming or even napping. This chair’s sturdiness happens to be one of its finest features – gamers of various height and weight classes that aren’t too heavy should have no issue adjusting this chair to their needs. These chairs can hold up anyone who weighs up to 265-pounds, so take note of that before you sit in one.

Based purely on appearance, the RapidX Ferrino Gaming and Lifestyle Chair looks slick. It’s stylized look comes courtesy of a Diamond or racing chair pattern. These chairs come in a nice variety of color schemes, so there’s most definitely a wealth of stunning styles to choose from. Overall, the Rapid X Ferrino Gaming and Lifestyle Chair stands out as one of the finest gaming peripherals currently available. Putting it together is a simple process, it feels extremely comfortable to game/rest in and it looks quite outstanding. Feel free to check out its most important aspects in the list posted below if you’re still unclear about what this chair’s all about:

– 85- to 165-degrees recline angle adjustment
– Pro racing-inspired seat buckle harness design
– Adjustable PVC armrests with multi-directional settings
– Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
– Color-coordinated neck and lumbar support pillows
– Locking tilt mechanism
– Durable and stylish PVC leather
– High-quality molded polyurethane foam core
– Black 20.8-inch star base with five 2-inch rim-styled casters
– Lift cylinder adjusts seat height from 14- to 16.6-inches
– Seat supports up to 265-lbs

RapidX Ferrino Line Gaming & Lifestyle Chair

Recommendation Level: Very High

Check out RapidX’s line of gaming & lifestyle chairs right here.

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