‘For Honor’: Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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For Honor, Ubisoft’s latest action fighting game, was released Feb. 14 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game pits three historical warriors against each other – Knights, Samurai and Vikings.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks and cheats I’ve learned so far:

1. Don’t Kill Your Allies With Friendly-Fire

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Hardcore modes are typically a favorite of the hardcore gamer, where friendly-fire is turned off among other aspects of gameplay, so be weary when charging into a mob of enemies: Swinging wildly in a mob is bound to kill your teammates.

Have patience and use precise swings to limit the number of allies you could potentially take out during battle. This could potentially cost you the match.

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2. Use Guard Break Interrupt & Parry Because No One Else Does

Despite the complexities of For Honor’s battle system, players are still button-mashing in droves. Use the game’s mechanics to your advantage, and confuse your opponents by using moves like Guard Break Interrupt and Parry to throw off your enemy.

To use Guard Break Interrupt, wait for your opponent to use Guard Break on you and then immediately trigger Guard Break yourself. If you throw your opponent by pressing block twice before you get attacked, you will knock your opponent and cancel their Guard Break.

To Parry, match your enemy’s guard stance and use a heavy attack just as your opponent attempts to attack you. You will parry the enemy’s attack, throw the foe back a few feet and drain their stamina meter. Parries also counter unblockable attacks.

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3. Throw Your Opponent Off A Nearby Cliff Before They Get The Chance

If you do not practice against AI before you jump into a Duel, you will find out the hard way that not knowing your Hero’s moves beforehand will cost you in multiplayer. As a newbie, you are guaranteed to get thrown off a cliff almost immediately.

Use your environment to your advantage. Pressing Guard Break quickly in succession will result in a throw, and may throw your opponent off nearby cliffs or bridges. A well-timed swing will also throw your enemy from a high area.

Beware of environmental dangers on certain maps, like geysers or spiked walls, but also use those dangers to gain the upper-hand. Luring or throwing your enemies into said dangers is one strategy that is hard to beat in For Honor. It is very Mortal Kombat-esque in that regard.

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4. The Revenge Meter Is Your Friend & Most Powerful Ally



Revenge Mode is a powerful comeback meter that once filled will generate a temporary boost in attack damage, uninterrupted attacks and your hero will not be able to be knocked down. Players can fill this meter by blocking and dodging opponent’s attacks.

The more enemies you fight, the faster the meter will fill up on the bottom-left of your screen. When triggered with Y/triangle, Revenge Mode will be detrimental to your success against superior warriors and other players with high defense.

Gear pieces can affect the time it takes the meter fill up, so experiment and find out what works best for you. Certain classes, like the Nobushi, will have equip-able “Feats” that will allow those warriors to build up their Revenge Mode meter by attacking.

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5. Feats Are Also Important, Use Them

For Honor Feats

The “Feats” menu in For Honor. (Ubisoft)

To elaborate more on For Honor‘s Feats, players earn these while playing the game by performing well and completing various objectives, which fills up your Renown. Feats are either passive or active, meaning they either work in the background or require the player to activate them using the D-pad respectively.

Passive Feats give temporary increases to your Hero’s stats, giving the warrior various abilities such as damage boosts or Revenge Mode multipliers. Active Feats require the player to activate them, and are comprised of different weapons, moves and other items.

Each class has different Feats, so it is important to use them to your advantage every change you get. Using a catapult will give you a big upper-hand.

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