REPLAY: ‘H1Z1: Fight For The Crown’

H1Z1: Fight for the Crown is the first official team-based tournament for the multiplayer shooter, H1Z1: King of the Kill. There are 15 five-player teams that will enter the H1Z1 arena with the goal of being the last team standing. The teams are competing for a $300,000 purse with the first place team coming home with $180,000.

You can check out the full replay from last night’s action right here.


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  1. The CW promoted a team called Echo Fox, who were the 4 top sharpshooters on the Twin Galaxies Leaderboard. Unfortunately they had no ability to strategize. The team got caught in the poison gas that was pushing them toward the center of the map. They didn’t shoot anyone! This is the equivalent of Casey at the Bat, striking out in Mudville.

    People have lost respect for Echo Fox. They have to come up with a better solution.

    At the very least, instead of “Wins with the Most Kills”, the Twin Galaxies’ Leaderboard needs another stat: “Number of Wins per Number of Games” – with a minimum number of games played to qualify. This alternative type of player is strategic and defensive, and has demonstrated their prowess despite the presence of sharpshooting opponents on the servers, proving that the human mind is the most powerful weapon in the world.