‘Destiny 2’ PC Gameplay Impressions
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‘Destiny 2’ PC Gameplay Impressions

Destiny 2 World

Today’s Destiny 2 Gameplay Event allowed those in attendance to try out a strike, PvP match and the first mission in the campaign on both the PC and PS4.

I took an in-depth look at the PC performance since we pretty much know what we’re getting in the console version. My early takeaways from the PC performance were fantastic. Unfortunately, the capturing of footage was exclusive to the PS4 version so I can’t share the gameplay so I’ll do my best to describe it.

Even just taking just a quick glance at the PS4 and PC versions will allow you to spot some huge differences. Destiny 2 on consoles has a locked framerate of 30 frames per second while the PC has an uncapped framerate which allows those with high-end rigs to push the game to its limits. The hardware I played on contained an i7-7700k with a Nvidia GTX 1080Ti with a G-Sync monitor so it’s likely it was achieving much higher than 60 FPS. I’m not entirely sure what the framerate was at since the G-Sync monitor was working its magic but it played buttery smooth. The game was running in a full 4K resolution.

Playing Destiny 2 on PC and then switching to the PS4 version almost isn’t a fair comparison. The two feel like totally different experiences which is to be expected with such a high-end PC compared the PS4 Pro. Don’t get me wrong, the performance on console was still excellent, a locked 30 FPS at 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro, but the PC took things up a notch. I didn’t get to check out all the different graphical options available but I can confirm Destiny 2 supports a wide range of options you’d usually find on PC such as MSAA.

To summarize, Destiny 2 feels at home on PC. You can’t go wrong with either version but if you have a PC that can run the game, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to pick up the console version. The mouse and keyboard combination take the already slick gunplay Destiny 2 has to offer and bumps it up a notch. I got to try to the strike and the crucible on PC and I can tell you that it’s excellent no matter what kind of content you’re doing.

We don’t know much regarding the minimum and recommended specs for Destiny 2 on PC but Bungie is aware there are people out there with older hardware and they aren’t being forgotten about. A good indication is the PS4 Pro can run the game in 4K and 30 FPS so a PC with similar specs might be able to pull out the same level of performance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a GTX 1060 and RX 480/580 listed as the recommended GPU to have. CPU would be a little bit harder to guess but if I had to make a guess, I’d probably shoot for at least an i5.

Destiny 2 is launching exclusively on Battle.net for PC players and a release date has not yet been confirmed. It will be launching September 8 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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