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‘Prey’ Review Roundup



Prey recently came out to pretty high praise from critics and players alike. The PC version of the game has a Metacritic score of 83 and a user score of 7.9.; the PS4 version has a Metacritic score of 80 and a user score of 7.9; and the Xbox One version has a Metacritic score of 88 and a user score of 7.8.

Many reviews lauded the game’s audiovisual presentation, storytelling, and wide variety of gameplay styles but criticized the combat and skill tree upgrade system.

Here’s a few samples of what people are saying about Prey.

Heavy.com: 8/10

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Prey (Screenshot by Jack Fennimore)

Arkane Studios had a lot to prove since the cancellation of Prey 2, and they have more than demonstrated that they were up to the task. While Prey is flawed, most of my complaints boil down to wishing that the game was even more brilliant overall than it already is. Though not as groundbreaking as its inspirations, Prey’s immersive and clever environments and gameplay grows on you like an alien virus (Jack Fennimore).

PlayStation LifeStyle: 9/10



Arkane Studios has another hit on their hands in the form of Prey. Some minor bugs aside, this is a horror fan’s dream come true. Prey may appear to be a first-person shooter on the surface, but there’s an RPG hidden just underneath its shiny graphics. You have the freedom to approach Prey in any way you desire, and it’s unlikely any two players will have the same experience. With an intriguing story, impressive ambiance, and challenging gameplay, Prey is a must-own game that has found a unique take on psychological horror in game form (Paulmichael Contreras).

PC Gamer: 79/100



Many of Prey’s issues are a consequence of its broad range of options. Attempting to cater to a variety of play styles is laudable, but also means that Prey isn’t as good a stealth game as Dishonored, nor as good a combat game as BioShock. But while the individual parts have problems, Prey is nonetheless greater than the sum of them. Prey is worth playing, mostly thanks to the strength of Talos-I as a setting, and the excellent environment design. It’s fun to explore, full of interesting stories, and also looks and sounds great. Frequently, Prey’s strengths build to create a tense and compelling atmosphere. And then it usually undermines it all with yet another goddamn Mimic (Phil Savage).

The Guardian: 6/10



Prey might have the wrench in common with BioShock, but it doesn’t have a Big Daddy of its own. Although Prey possesses an exciting arsenal of weaponry and abilities, and an attention-grabbing enemy in the Mimics, nothing ever becomes awe-inspiring or genuinely memorable in its borrowed offerings. What could have been a breakneck race around Talos 1 is hampered by constant plot detours, and an overly harsh kickback for investing in the best abilities in the game. The Arkane studios have an interesting approach to player empowerment: Dishonored provided an array of violent powers, but then asked us not to use them, while Prey dares the player to break the rules, but then punishes them for doing so (Hirun Cryer).

Game Informer: No Score Given



In Morgan Yu, Prey invites us to create a fascinating and complicated protagonist navigating a dangerous world filled with characters worth knowing. Arkane’s fusion of player-driven storytelling and flexible gameplay remains strong throughout its first sci-fi outing, and makes Prey a stellar horror adventure in spite of a handful of flaws (Javy Gwaltney).

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Prey is one of those games why its pretty clear why Beth didn’t release review copies. Reviewers try to speed run everything to push out their review before the compitition. Prey really plays like a game for commited players that want to explore and do everything! To get the full and best impact of the game you just need to explore find everything, its a really big picture game with level designs and side quests, and don’t play it on easy like a reviewer its meant to be challenging for survival! Yeah it takes a while to get a handle of everything, and i mean that in knowing where to explore and get use to gameplay, but it gets super addicting incuraging to explore and didcover the secrits.
I’m enjoying it, and think they did a ton of stuff right. The aliens are well done, exploring the station never gets boring or feel like “I’ve seen everything”, the story is well thought out with plenty of secrets. Yeah its not Bioshock combat but the formula of powers and weapons is still great, and besides if it was more like Bioshock reviewers would scream “rip off, rip off, nothing new here!” It really does play like its own game. It feels a lot like the closest thing we’ll ever get to Half-life 3, Prey is still its own game but really takes on a Half Life feel of everything seeming ok to fighting for your life.
If you enjoyed games like Deadspace and Bioshock and yes Half-life you will enjoy this game! It brings back the fun and intreage, but still plays like its own game!
Yup i did a self review, but come on any body can review games now a days, and im not on a time constraint for money or company policies so I can actually get in deep and experience the game as it was intended.

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