Destiny 2 Beta: How to Find the Nessus Lost Sector
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Destiny 2 Beta: How to Find the Nessus Lost Sector

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Beta has officially released and players are already out collecting loot, shooting aliens, and of course uncovering a variety of secrets. One such area is dubbed a Lost Sector, which were been teased by developer Bungie during their gameplay reveal back in May. These areas are meant to act as mini-dungeons where Guardians can explore and gather loot. Interestingly enough, players can actually visit one of these areas during The Inverted Spire strike. However, be warned there is nothing present at this location, it’s clearly not finished yet, and the player will become trapped if they reach the very end.

To start, when you first spawn in The Inverted Spire Strike turn right and run past the large army of Cabal, Vex, and Fallen fighting. They infinitely spawn so there’s no reason to really waste ammo or your time dealing with them. Continue along the path until you come across a large metal box with the white symbol in the image below printed on it.

Destiny 2 Beta

Collin MacGregor

Now continue forward and head for the large stone tower that’s located on your left, which is conveniently marked by another symbol on a large rock. Go up the staircase until you see some rocks jutting out to one side. Run along these rocks until you reach an area with a small metal alcove and platform directly above you. The main door to this area is locked, so this is the only way inside right now. It may take a few tries to jump up here, but it’s completely possible if you time it right.

Destiny 2 Beta

Collin MacGregor

Follow the path until you reach a large area that appears unfinished and has electric water everywhere. This is the tricky part as you’ll need to jump on a few ledges that don’t appear to be there at all. Cross the pond by jumping into the air every time you touch the ground and head to the left side of the room. You should see a large metal block protruding out, this will be an indicator that you’re in the right area.

From here, you will be able to barely make out an invisible platform that’s marked by some unfinished textures of what appears to be a ramp. Run up the side, then turn to face the large block so you can jump up onto it. This is the hardest part of this section, so make sure you have a jump boost equipped like Burst Glide for the Warlock. If you’re having trouble jumping from the invisible platform to solid ground, there are other invisible ledges against that same wall you can jump onto it.

Destiny 2 Beta

Collin MacGregor

Getting to the top can be a bit tricky, so take your time and make sure to be precise with your jumps. Once you’re up head downstairs until you reach a large circular room with a giant hole in the center. There shouldn’t be any roof on the spire so you can literally just fall in. Remember, once you drop down here it’s literally impossible to continue exploring unless you go to orbit. What you can find in the room is what appears to be a warp pad and the other side of the sealed off door. It’s doubtful in the full game you have to jump through so many hoops to visit this area, but it’s cool that you can find it.

To recap the steps to this area are as followed:

  • From the spawn head right until you reach a large stone and metal tower.
  • Enter the alcove located underneath the main staircase leading up.
  • Follow the path inside until you reach a large, glitched out lake of electric water. 
  • Use the invisible platforms on your left to jump onto the large metal ledge. 
  • Climb to the stop (slowly) and then jump through the hole in the roof. 
  • You are now in this hidden area, but you will die if you jump down into the pit. 

Finally, make sure to explore this area with your own fireteam, because you becoming stuck in the environment virement while others are trying to finish a strike can be frustrating. There are also some other sealed off areas on Nessus, presumably so players don’t get a chance to see every trick up Bungie’s sleeve. While Destiny 2 is only in beta, there’s little doubt that these new planets will be filled to the brim with secrets to uncover.

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