LIVE STREAM: The International, Day 2

Courtesy Dota 2 facebook page.

Group stage action continues today with Newbee vs OG, Virtus.Pro vs LGD.Forever Young, invictus Gaming vs Digital Chaos and Execration vs HellRaisers

Stream One, Newbee vs OG

Stream Two, Virtus.Pro vs LGD.Forever Young

Stream Three, invictus Gaming vs Digital Chaos

Stream Four, Execration vs HellRaisers

Programming Guide

Stream One, dota2ti Stream Two, dota2ti_2 Stream Three, dota2ti_3 Stream 4, dota2ti_4
Newbee v OG Virtus.Pro v LGD.Forever Young  invictus Gaming v Digital Chaos  Execration v HellRraisers
Team Secret v TNC Pro Team  LGD Gaming v iG.Vitality  Evil Geniuses v Team Empire Team Liquid v Infamous
Virtus.Pro v Cloud 9 LGD.Forever Young v invictus Gaming Newbee v Execration OG v HellRaisers
Team Liquid v LGD Gaming Team Secret v iG.Vitality  TNC Pro Team v Team Empire Fnatic v Infamous
OG v Virtus.Pro LGD.Forever Young v Cloud 9 invictus Gaming v Execration Digital Chaos v HellRaisers


Remember each individual stream will not wait to begin their matches; as soon as the teams are ready each series will begin. This table should allow you to follow the teams you want to while avoiding teams that can be less entertaining. I recommend Newbee v OG to start the day followed by Evil Geniuses v Team Empire. Third, I believe that Team Liquid v LGD Gaming is a can’t miss match. Since that match will probably decide the top seed in Group B. To end the day I think OG v Virtus.Pro looks to be the most competitive of the bunch.

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