Top Drives: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Top Drives.

1. Build a Diverse Collection

Top Drives

Hutch Games Ltd

Top Drives is about racing cars across a huge variety of challenges. In addition to your usual performance machinery, make sure you’ve got stuff that’s fast in the wet, off-road, over bumps, etc.

2. Don’t Leave Prizes Behind

Top Drives

Hutch Games Ltd

• Every match has 15 prize cards available. Go back to matches you’ve already one, beat them again and get every prize. It might make sense to use some of your “B team” cars for these and leave your best cars for new matches.

3. Beat the Bosses, Win Their Cars

Top Drives

Hutch Games Ltd

• Beat all nine opponents in each location and you get your chance to take on that country’s champion. Beat them and you win their favorite car.

4. Look Out for Weather and Surface Changes

Top Drives

Hutch Games Ltd

• Weather and surface can massively affect a car’s capabilities. Make sure you check out the weather and surface for each of the five races and try to pick strategically.

5. Flip the Cards to Get More Stats

Top Drives

Hutch Games Ltd

• Tap on any car in your garage to view it in more detail and access its options (e.g. sell car, upgrade, etc). If you tap on the card in this view it will flip over and you can scroll down for in-depth stats.

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