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So the big news is how the Vita didn’t crash on impact as some predicted. And that’s a good thing, since that means yet another platform to choose from. However, the Vita Taco Bell deal, well, that didn’t go so well. More on that and other news in the gaming world…

Many were wondering how the debut of Sony’s next generation portable would fare in Western territories, especially since sales have been sluggish back home in the east. It actually did quite well for itself with around 600,000 units being sold in North America, Europe, and Australia during its launch.

Combined with numbers of units sold already in Japan, this brings the total of Vitas in the wild to around 1.2 million – not too shabby. Also, around 20 million games have been pushed as well. Thus far, Vita is looking as healthy as a new gaming platform could possibly be in the early stretches.

Hackers Really Did Screw Up The Vita / Taco Bell Contest
Last month, Taco Bell ran a promotion which offered gamers a chance to nab a free Vita if they were willing to put their health on the line by ingesting five dollars worth of Taco Bell. But when the winning coded didn’t actually work, many were upset. In response, Taco Bell claimed that it was the work of hackers trying to “game the system,” and excuse that seemed pretty hallow to most.

Guess what? They were right: a hacker recently came forward to detail how he got his Vita. He created a bot that auto-generated codes, until a winning one was triggered. He then distributed his handiwork to others, who all got theirs for free, too. Taco Bell and Sony are currently investigating the situation, but who knows where that will go. Meanwhile, a second chance drawing has been set-up to compensate those who should have gotten something the first time around.

Wii Fit Not As Effective As Once Believed
Nintendo was able to sell their Wii console largely on the strength of full motion gaming. Millions of units were sold to parents, who believed that stuff like Wii Sports and the like were a lot healthier than traditional sit-on-your-butt-and-mash-buttons-games. But a recent study shows that it’s not necessarily the case.

Kids were divided into two groups: those who played full motion games and those who played standard console fare. And analysis shows that while the former lost a little bit of weight, when compared to the latter group, it honestly wasn’t all that much. In the end, there’s no substitute for going outside. But hey, that’s what portables are for, right?

The much anticipated follow-up to Pokemon Black and White was finally announced. But instead of a revved up version that combines the two previous titles, which has been how it’s normally done, each is getting a direct sequel.

Hardly anything is known at this point, other than new Pocket Monsters will be added to the mix. The two cover monsters have been revealed so far, with a third was also recently disclosed. The most noteworthy thing here is how the games are for the original DS, and not the 3DS as many would have expected.

Sexism In The World Of Pro Fighting Takes Center Stage
Video games have always been a boys club, especially in competitive circles. And this simple fact has been made crystal clear thanks to Capcom’s new reality show Cross Assault, which was originally designed to highlight Street Fighter X Tekken, and not cause an Internet wide debate regarding sexism in gaming.

Basically, a large, bearded coach of one particular team kept making inappropriate remarks to a female teammate. Eventually, she had to bow out of a fight due to mental distress. Many are getting on the case of the male, for very questionable things said, but others are defending his actions. They claim there was no ill will behind the saucy statements, and trash talk is just part of the game, especially during competition.

Another point of contention for some is that during this verbal “abuse”, the female contestant simply laughed it off. Which to some was an admission of how there was no harm being done, hence why here accusations of sexual harassment afterwards were upsetting to some parties.

Zynga Is Creating Its Own Platform
Perhaps due to the recent studies that show how less and less people are interested in gaming on Facebook, Zynga is looking to create their own gaming portal.

A beta version will be released in a few days. No doubt those who hate social gaming will be happy to know that their pals, the ones who clutter up everyone’s Facebook walls, will have their own place for such nonsense. But one has to wonder if Zynga and its games can exist in their own ecosystem.

Assassin’s Creed 3’s Time Setting Officially Revealed
Many have been wondering when the upcoming third chapter of Assassin’s Creed would take place, given that the Crusades and Renaissance have been officially milked dry. And now it is known: the next Assassin will be running around Revolutionary times.

No other details have disclosed, but the box art at least shows a nice wide array of weaponry that will be at your disposal. And from all sides of the battle, with choices from the Yankees, the Brits, and some from Native Americans. Due to the hatchet with the assassin’s crest embossed, the best bet thus far is that he’s part of the latter group.

The teen pop idol sent the makers of an iOS and Android game a cease and desist for making money off of Beiber Fever by infringing on trademarks and publicity rights. The developers then shot back with a preemptive lawsuit.

RC3, makers of the game, are asking the judge to state that they are not breaking any laws, and what they’re doing is simply a parody that is protected under the First Amendment.

Metal Gear Rex Is Finally On Sale, But For A Steep Price
Fans of the iconic bipedal nuclear tank that made its first appearance in the first Metal Gear Solid have been dying for their own version to own. Cuz that’s just how fans of mecha roll. And at long last, a smaller, scaled down version is being produced.

Thought it’s not all that much smaller. In fact, it’s quite huge… and quite pricey. Pre-orders just opened up for the monstrosity, which costs $500. At least shipping is included, plus it lights up! But again, that’s a pretty penny, even if it is for one of the greatest mechas ever.

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