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It might have been a slow week news-wise, if not for Capcom and BioWare screwing up big time. Thanks, guys! Oh, and not sure if you heard, but Apple is releasing another new gizmo that’s sure to spin the masses into a tizzy.

Apple unveiled their long-awaited update to their ultra popular tablet. It’s not iPad 3 or iPad HD, it’s just iPad. One that packs some serious muscle.

You have a screen with crazy high resolution, though it’s still the same small form factor, a multicore processor, 5 megapixel camera, and more RAM. Something which many game makers are eager to exploit. Thus far, only one real game has been announced, a dungeon crawler based upon the ever popular iOS franchise Infinity Blade.

Marvel Dumps Sega
Marvel Comics announced that they will no longer be working with Sega on video game adaptations of their big screen releases. Why? No real reason was given, but the fact that their games on Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man have all tanked is the best best. Activision however, is still holding on to their Spider-Man rights.

Skyrim And Fez Win Big At This Year’s Game Developers Conference
At this year’s GDC, both the mainstream and indie gaming industries were recognized, via the Game Developers Choice Awards and the Independent Games Festival Awards.

Skyrim won the top prize with the Game of the Year award, while Portal 2 got the most awards in general, nabbing top honor for best design, narrative, and audio. Meanwhile, the much-anticipated Fez got the IGF’s top honor, the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Mario With Long Legs Was A Bad Idea
In addition to honoring the game industry, GDC is about those involved in sharing ideas. Particularly, what worked and what did not. One of the most interesting presentations was courtesy of Koichi Hayashida, the lead designer of Super Mario 3D Land.

The most notable items were all the rejected ideas. Like making Mario so big that you could only see his feet, the ability to ride around on a Koopa shell like you’re Tony Hawk, and the ability to super impose your girlfriend’s face onto Peach’s. But the best / worst idea was giving Mario long arms and legs, which in the end was deemed too creepy.

Man, where to begin. Capcom’s handling of DLC is hardly original, and while others do it too, it would seem that many are still infuriated by what they perceive to be yet another instance in which the fan base is being paid for content that they technically already own.

It all began when hackers discovered DLC characters on the Xbox 360 version’s disc. Add in the fact that they were supposed to be PS3 exclusives, and both parties are pissed off. The official excuse given is how it allows Xbox 360 gamers to be able to fight PS3 fighters online if the former enlists one of the aforementioned exclusive characters.

Still, people are not happy that they will have to essentially pay for the privilege to access content that’s already there. Add in the fact that the characters that are based upon Sony properties were not included and you’ve got some holes in Capcom’s story.

People Are Hating On Mass Effect 3 As Well
PS3 gamers are also livid at the final chapter of BioWare’s sci fi trilogy as well. Apparently, the game performs quite poorly when compared to the Xbox 360 version. That was the case with multiplatform releases five years ago, and should have been fixed by now.

But players on both sides of the fence are also pissed about one of the game’s biggest reveals. Popular character Tali, who has her face obscured this entire time finally gets some face time. It turns out it’s just some stock photo from Getty Images. This led to accusations of the developer being lazy. It should be noted this was before the PS3 version’s performance issues were realized.

From Dust Is Coming To Google Chrome
Ubisoft has announced a version of their warmly received XBLA / PSN title, by the guy who created Another World (Out Of This World in the US) for Google’s web browser. It will retain its HD graphics and sport a new control scheme.

There are plenty of games for Chrome already, but it’s most casual stuff, like Angry Birds and its ilk. Will the browser be the next platform for gamers? If From Dust does well, possibly.

To help promote the upcoming update to the world’s most popular video game, Rovio somehow how got an astronaut to perform real life Angry Bird antics in outter space.

Which for fans of the series is perhaps cute, but for those of us who wish NASA did cooler things, like explore the outer recesses of the galaxy, it just seems like a huge waste of time and money. Oh, and the new game looks cool, but one has to wonder which indie title Rovio has ripped off this time.

The Steam Box Is Not Coming Quite Yet, Says Valve
Rumors began spreading at the top of the week that Valve was creating a set-top box that allows gamers to play PC offerings on a TV. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The evidence to support the theory was fairly compelling, including vague statements supporting the possibility, and patents that were taken out last year.

Valve hasn’t written out the idea completely, but it’s just not happening quite yet. Though it appears that most likely Steam will be coming to TVs via some partner. Perhaps Apple and their iTV, just not a dedicated console. But you never know…

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