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Just another week of wacky next gen console rumors, pissed off Mass Effect 3 players, and pedophiles getting caught red-handed thanks to a Nintendo handheld. Basically, the the same old, same old…

First off, word on the street is that the new PlayStation will not be called the PS4 but something entirely different – the Orbis. Aside from breaking ties from the PS3, meaning no backwards compatibility, it will output graphics to such a high degree that absolutely no monitor on the market today will be able to fully display them!

It will also supposedly not allow used games to be played, something publishers have been begging for a good while now. Move / Kinect-like functionality built in is to be included from the get-go, along with some kind of smart phone connectivity as well. It’s scheduled for a winter 2013 release.

Meanwhile, the next piece of hardware from Microsoft might not be a more powerful Xbox, but something slightly less powerful. Basically, something that will only play Arcade offerings and Kinect apps. It too is scheduled for late 2013. BTW, Xbox 720 is still happening, just way further down the road.

Hackers Can Pull Credit Card Info From Old Xbox 360s
For those who are about to part ways with a Xbox 360, some friendly advice: make sure you erase those hard drives, and erase them good. A new study shows that it’s possible to retrieve user data, including credit card data even if it was restored back to factory setting. Yay.

The solution? The only one really at the moment is to use hardcore, third party solutions like the ones that already exist to nuke PC or Mac hard drives. And for those that have already parted ways with a 360 hard drive? Pray that it’s not in the hands of someone who has read the same report.

Heavy Workload Causes Street Fighter Producers To Become Extremely Ill

Days ago, Twitter was afire with news of Yoshinori Ono, the overseer of the Street Fighter franchise and his sudden illness. Well, he just got out of the hospital, but he’ll need more time to recover it would seem. So he’s stepping away from his day-to-day duties for the time being, but still keeping tabs from home as he attempts to recover.

Ono has been a very busy person. In addition to putting Street Fighter X Tekken together over the past year or so, he’s been on the road interacting with fans and promoting the game. Aside from the controversial discovery that DLC content is on everyone’s discs already, the game is also riddled with bugs, necessitating even more overtime at the office. Could this have been the tipping point?

Not content with a brand new ending finally in the works, some folks decided to raise money to protest in an entirely different manner: by sending 402 cupcakes to the game’s developer. There would be three different kinds of frosting, but yet all taste the same to represent how all choices in the game didn’t matter in the end. It’s called symbolism.

A little over a thousand dollars was needed, which was raised in a little under an hour. The cupcakes were delivered to BioWare, who then immediately donated the tasty treats to a youth shelter.

Demand For Assassin’s Creed 3 And Journey Is Strong
Ubisoft just announced that the pre-order numbers of the upcoming third chapter of the Assassin’s Creed saga are quite high and on track to be the highest pre-ordered game in the company’s history. That’s pretty crazy, considering the game doesn’t come out until October.

Meanwhile, Sony also just announced that their critically acclaimed PSN release is now the fastest selling downloadable title in their history. To help mark the occasion, the popular soundtrack is finally coming on April 10, via the PlayStation Store and iTunes.

A Nintendo DSi Was Able To Put A Perv In Prison
So here’s a gruesome tale with a somewhat happy ending: some poor girl from the UK who had been the victim of sexual molestation (by a friend of the family no less) received justice with her perp finally in jail. During the most recent attempt to take advantage of the young girl, the victim took a picture of her assailant via her Nintendo DSi’s camera.

The girl then showed the image to her mother, who then called the cops and you can figure out the rest. The perp initially claimed innocence, until exhibit A was presented to him, front and center in the form of a portable gaming machine. He will be serving three and a half years for his crimes.

Rockstar Games recently detailed all the various components of the upcoming multiplayer mode for Max Payne 3. Some are total no-brainers and hardly exciting, but news that they managed to figure a way to bring bullet time, a single player mechanic, into a multiplayer arena has everyone buzzing.

That which was once believed to be impossible has finally been realized, though it’s kind of weird. Basically, it only affects those in the immediate vicinity. Meaning, if you stumble across an exchange in which someone had just activated bullet time, you’ll basically come across a bunch of people all moving like molasses. Sounds very strange, but very cool. But will it actually work? Time will tell.

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