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Lots to talk about this week. One of the men who helped to make video games what they are today passed away, and one of gaming’s current giants is going through its roughest patch ever. But hey, Dark Souls is coming out for the PC at long last! So the week hasn’t been a total wash.

One of the gaming’s true innovators passed away this week. Jack Tramiel (1928-2012) is best known for founding Commodore International, and its most famous product was the Commodore 64. The machine is widely regarded as one of the pillars of golden age of video games, circa the early 80s.

In addition to creating a platform that gave birth to memorable games and gave hackers something to play around with, Tramiel had a hand in Atari’s success. After being booted from his company due to a power struggle he picked up the pieces of the just discarded competition (Atari) and brought it back up to fighting shape. Tramiel was 83.

Not A Good Week For Sony
Many were expecting a less than wonderful financial forecast for Sony, but the results are in and they are beyond bad. The Japanese electronics giant has posted their biggest loss ever: 6.4 billion dollars for the just ended fiscal year.

Don’t blame the PlayStation; it’s one of the few things that has been keeping the company in the fighting shape. Instead, blame their TVs, cell phones, and computer lines that have failed to generate zero interest in recent years.

Unfortunately, not all is well on the gaming front. Demand for the Vita (in Japan at least) has been dipping lower each week. The record low was last week was only a paltry 8,931 units sold. For reference, the PSP sold 14,804 units.

Anyone familiar with the latest Elder Scrolls knows already of “shouts,” which are spells that are yelled by your character. Though to make him or her say something, you just pushed a button. Well, no more – at least for Kinect owners.

An upcoming update will allow players to actually say the spells and it will be picked up by the game, to make Skyrim all the more immersive and all the more annoying to your neighbors!

Miyamoto Digs Angry Birds And Maybe A Link To The Past
In a recent interview, the man who is responsible for all of Nintendo’s good fortunes and all their best games admitted that he’s a big fan of Angry Birds. In fact, he says that he wishes that he had created it himself. He also mentioned that he’s interested in revisiting the SNES Zelda, which for many is still the pinnacle of the series. But only if he can “bring something really new” to the game.

Dark Souls Confirmed For The PC
Once again, an Internet petition actually worked! Or was one always in the cards to begin with? Who knows and who cares; all that matters is that a PC version of Dark Souls has finally been announced.

Entitled Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, not much is known other than it will feature new bosses. It’ll be interesting to see how traditional PC gamers react to the game, who have long made fun of how weak-sauce console gamers and their offerings are. Will Dark Souls stack up?

This week’s game related viral video centers on Caine and his arcade made entirely out of cardboard, packing tape, and bits of old toys that he made in the back of his dad’s auto body shop. It’s a a cute and heartwarming tale of a 9-year-old’s ingenuity, one that went completely ignored, due to pop’s business not getting much foot traffic.

The filmmaker was Caine’s first customer and decided to make a flash mob, to bring a ton of players to the arcade. The video was posted online and overnight the kid has become a superstar. On the homepage, donations were asked to help with his college funds, which are now in the excess of $100,000.

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