This Week In Gaming News

An icon passes, a studio closes and some of the year’s biggest releases have a few bugs determined to rain on their parade. It’s been a busy week in the world of games.

Splinter Cell: Lightbulb Assassin

Yeah, it was dumb how the guards could never figure out it was you shooting out the lights, nor notice your glowing in the dark goggles. But hey, that’s video games.

PS3 Long Live Play

A PS3 commercial so epic it could probably convince my 83-yr-old grandmother to buy a PS3.

Donkey Kong Done In Mincecraft

It’s almost hard to believe, but I actually think this Minecraft mod is easier to play than the arcade original, even with the addition of arrows.

Dead Island In Real Life

Where to begin? More likable characters, better health pick-ups (Four Loko for the win) and better graphics .Okay, it’s real life and maybe not a fair comparison.

Akuma the Intern

Good office help can be hard to find, especially when it comes to interns who know how to whip up a decent pot of coffee. Luckily, Akuma has things on lockdown.

Scorpion Visits The Mushroom Kingdon

What happens when Outworld’s deadliest warrior comes to pay Mario a visit? For starters, he uses that handy spear of his instead of chasing after 1Up mushrooms.

Double Dragon Douchebaggery

Everyone remembers the so bad it’s good Super Mario Show, but there’s a reason why many of us have erased all recollection of Double Dragon’s from our memory banks.