CodeRunner Game Trailer

CodeRunner isn’t your typical iPhone game. It’s a real-world GPS adventure game that uses actual locations in your area as mission targets as you play through the story.

This Week In Gaming News

There’s lots to talk about this week with problems arising in the gaming world for Saints Row and Mario, plus this year’s annual VGA nominees have been revealed.

Occupy Pong

The Occupy Wall Street movement is illustrated by design firm MK12 via the old school video game Pong. The animation opened this month’s Zero Film Festival in New York City.

Gears of War: Mad World Uprising

Paired with the music of Gary Jules and Muse, fighting the locust horde enemy army has never been quite so beautiful. It’s a bloody good time for all.

The Design Behind Max Payne 3

Aside from the almost robotic narration, Rockstar has put together a pretty cool insider’s look into the design of Max Payne 3, including Max’s physics and killing strategy.

History of Shinobi

From the arcade to Genesis, the developers behind Shinobi discuss how they approached the game’s history and translating it over to the 3DS.