Live Action Mario Kart

I love a good serving of jackassery, and this guy serves it up in style as he takes his go kart on the road for a live action version of ‘Mario Kart’. File this video under “awesome”.

Super Mario Bros Gets Dirty

Somewhat along the same lines of previously posted Zelda if it was an 80s teen comedy, here comes Mario and company if they were in some XXX skin flick.

Supremacy MMA Game Trailer

We haven’t heard a lot just yet about 505 Games contestant in the MMA game arena, but the slow mo trailer gives us an interesting look at the Summer release to be available on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Trailer

Square Enix’s answer to Super Smash Bros is back with another gathering of emo dudes with mom issues and huge phallic swords all fighting about “something.”

Halo MythBusters

In it’s 6th episode, Halo MythBusters dares to answer questions you’ve been dying to figure out yourself, but aren’t nearly a good enough Halo player to do so!