Legal marijuana growing requires the best equipment. These are the top 10 LED grow lights to use for growing cannabis.

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With a nice birth bath, you can turn your yard into the neighborhood nature reserve by attracting lots of different types of birds. Here are our favorites for 2017.

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Want to have the best looking lawn on the block? Lawn edgers make it easy to keep your lawn looking nice and neat. Here are our top 10 favorites for 2017.

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If you have branches and shrubs that you want to turn into mulch, chippers and shredders are the tools for you! Here are our 10 favorite gas and electric models for any size job.

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Looking for a leaf blower to make cleaning your yard easier? Here are the top 10 models for any yard, small or large.

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Reduce your yard waste by 10x or more with a leaf mulcher. They are great for compost and make maintaining your yard so fast, easy and hassle free!

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If you are planting a new garden or maintaining a large garden, tillers and cultivators are excellent tools to help break up and mix the soil. Here are our favorite models for 2017.

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LED Strip Lights are a home designers best friend, allowing you to light up hidden nooks and forgotten areas. They are also great for cars, boats and other vehicles. These are our 10 favorite LED light strips for home, office and vehicle use.

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Sprouting seeds at home is a great way to add nutritious, enzyme rich sprouts into your daily diet. Here are the best sprouters of 2017 to use in your home kitchen.

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Terariums and Wardian Cases bring an elegance and touch of class to any home decor and allow you to grow any plant you want indoors, from succulents to orchids and everything in between. Here are our top 10 favorite terrariums for any home.

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Just like gardeners, greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Here are our top 15 favorites in small, medium and large sizes to meet the needs of any gardener. Whether you have a balcony garden or a farm, you will find your perfect greenhouse in this list.

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Whether you are a seasoned chef or a newbie in the kitchen, these cannabis cookbooks will allow you to infuse THC into everyday dishes as well as special treats.

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Get the most out of your hydroponics grow operation by customizing and automating your grow room’s temperature, humidity and CO2 levels using a master environmental controller.

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Growing cannabis? You need a CO2 regulator! This one simple thing can make a huge difference in how much weed you harvest at the end of a growing cycle.

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Inline fans are a crucial piece of equipment for hydroponic cannabis growers. Here are the top 10 brands and products for hydroponic ventilation systems.

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Looking for an easy solution for watering and feeding your marijuana plants? All in one watering systems are the answer!

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