Top 10 Best Cute Christmas Sweaters for Kids 2017
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Top 10 Best Cute Christmas Sweaters for Kids 2017

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The season for Christmas sweaters is finally here, and kids want to be a part of the fun! Christmas sweaters may get a bad rep when it comes to “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties, but when it comes to kids sweaters even the silliest designs are just plain cute. You can find kids sweaters in all different styles, from boys to girls or unisex, knit sweaters or printed hoodies, in classic designs or branded items like Charlie Brown or Star Wars. And of course, there are also adorable Hannukah sweaters as well. Holiday sweaters are a great way to spread the cheer during this special time of year.

In this list we have our favorite kids sweaters for the holiday season. They each come in either big kid sizes, little kid sized, toddler sizes or a combination. The description will tell you which sizes are available to make it easy for you to choose the right sweater for your little ones. If you do not see anything in the list that fits your family’s style, click here and you can browse all of the festive sweaters available on

Sweaters make awesome gifts to put under the tree, or even stocking stuffers. To see more holiday fashions, decoration ideas, and gift guides, click here to see all of our curated lists for Christmas 2016.

1. Arms Too Small T-Rex Sweater

Arms Too Small T-Rex Sweater, kids christmas sweater

This funny Blizzard Bay sweater in classic Christmas red and green features a goofy T-Rex who’s arms are too small to fill his sweater’s arms. It is labeled as boys but could easily be unisex. This is a knitted sweater with appliqué and embroidery detail, made out of 100% acrylic so it can be machine washed. This sweater comes in “Big Boy” sizes so it will fit kids in the 6-10 range. Click here to browse more T-Rex Xmas sweaters.
Price: $22.85

Buy the Arms Too Small T-Rex Sweater here.

2. Naught Or Nice Sweater

Here is a hilarious and cute Christmas sweater for kids who may not be sure if they are on the Naughty or Nice list. Let your kids know that their efforts at being “Nice” this year were appreciated with this tongue-in-cheeck sweater on Christmas.

Price: $12

Buy The Naughty or Nice Sweater here.

3. Elfie Christmas Sweater

Elfie Christmas Sweater , best kids christmas sweater

This #Elfie sweater from Blizzard Bay comes in both Big Girl and Little Girl sizes so you can buy matching sweaters and take Elfies together. The sweater is knit with 100% acrylic and has embroidery details and real bells on the shoes. This sweater is super soft and machine washable. For more #Elfie sweaters, click here to browse.

Price: $21.36

Buy the Elfie Christmas Sweater here.

4. Girl’s Pink Reindeer Christmas Sweater

This pretty in pink sweater is stylish and fun for your little girl to wear all holiday season long. It comes in sizes sizes from two to eleven years old. This sweater is a cotton blended with acrylic knit and it has a pink and white snowflake and reindeer pattern. Click here if you want to see more reindeer themed kids sweaters.

Price: $13.99

Buy The Girl’s Pink Reindeer Christmas Sweater here.

5. Tractors & Bulldozers Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Tractors & Bulldozers Ugly Christmas Sweater Toddler/Kids Long sleeve T-Shirt , best kids christmas sweater

This tractor themed sweater from TeeStars is perfect for any little kid who loves big machinery. My son definitely fits in this category – his eyes light up whenever he sees a dump truck, tractor or backhoe and he loves to explore and play on them! This cute sweater is perfect for a boy or girl, and comes in toddler and kids sizes from 2T to 5/6. Technically this is not a sweater but a long sleeved T Shirt made of 100% combed cotton. It has a cross-stitch pattern featuring holiday designs as well as a bulldozer, cement truck, backhoe and dump truck. To see more Christmas “sweater” T-Shirts for kids, click here.

Price: $15.90

Buy the Tractors & Bulldozers Long Sleeve T-Shirt here.

6. Robots Ugly Christmas Sweater

 Alex Stevens Boys' Robots Ugly Christmas Sweater , best kids christmas sweater

This Alex Stevens sweater features high-fiving robots – What could be cooler than that? This knit sweater is made of 100% cotton yarn knit in a Fair Isle pattern with a crew neckline. The robots have their own festive attire as well, with one wearing a scarf while the other has a Santa hat on. This sweater comes in toddler, little kid and big kid sizes so you can get it for a boy or girl of any age. Click here to browse more robot Christmas sweaters.

Price: $16.07

Buy the Robots Ugly Christmas Sweater here.

7. Peanuts Santa Snoopy & Woodstock Sweater

 Peanuts Toddler Boys Santa Snoopy & Woodstock , best kids christmas sweater, Black Holiday Knit Sweater

Here is an officially branded Peanuts Christmas sweater featuring Charlie Brown’s animal buddies, Snoopy and Woodstock. The knit sweater is made of 100% acrylic and features the two friends walking in a winter scene, sharing a scarf. This sweater is sold in Big Boy sizes or Toddler sizes – They are sold separately, so make sure to follow the link below for your right size. To see more Charlie Brown Christmas sweaters, click here.

Price: $36.26

Buy The Peanuts Santa Snoopy & Woodstock Sweater Toddler Size here or the Big Boys size here.

8. Alpakaandmore Unisex Hooded Inca Cardigan /h2>
 Alpakaandmore Unisex Child Hooded Inca Cardigan Alpaca Design Alpaca Wool , best kids christmas sweater

This unisex sweater from Alpakaandmore may not be an official “Christmas” sweater, but with its fun design and green color it will fit right in at any holiday gathering. This sweater is extra warm because it is made of a combination of Alpaca and Merino wool, which is super soft and not itchy. It features a hood and a zip closure as well. Because of the delicate material it must be hand washed. This sweater is fair trade product from Peru and comes in sizes from two to six years old for both boys and girls. Click here to see more festive Peruvian wool kids sweaters.

Price: $46

Buy the Alpakaandmore Unisex Hooded Inca Cardigan here.

9. Cityscape Light-Up Reindeer Sweater

</Cityscape Light-Up Reindeer Sweater  bes kids christmas sweatr, batmanCityscape Light-Up Reindeer Sweater ,

Any Batman fan is going to love this Blizzard Bay sweater for the holiday season. This sweater features a blue and black cityscape with a Batman-like beacon, but with a reindeer inside of it instead of the bat symbol. What makes this sweater extra awesome is that the city scape has real working multicolor LED lights inside of it. This sweater is made of 100% cotton and comes in big kid sizes. To see more unisex Christmas sweaters for kids, click here.

Price: $24.51

Buy the Cityscape Light-Up Reindeer Sweater here.

10. Happy Hanukkah Menorah Sweater

best holiday sweater, chirstmas sweater, menorah, hanukkah, hannukah, sweater, kids

Finally, here is a bright and festive Blizzard Bay holiday sweater for kids who celebrate Hanukkah. This sweater features a bright and bold design in blue, white and yellow with a menorah, stars of David and the words Happy Hanukkah on the front. It is made of 100% cotton knit and is machine washable. This sweater comes in both little boys and big boys sizes, and is perfect for girls as well. For more cute Hanukkah sweaters for kids, click here to browse.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Happy Hanukkah Menorah Sweater here.

Want to see more gift ideas? Check out our gift guides to see more of our favorite gifts for 2016. We also have specially curated Toys pages for gift ideas for your kids. Or, take a look at Amazon’s Gift Guides to see some of their favorite items for the holidays.

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