Paleo Food List to Make Dozens of Delicious Meals

Paleo Diet Food List

This shopping list, created for us by famous caveman cooking chef George Bryant, makes dozens of easy Paleo meals so that you’ll never be bored.

Bryant, author of the award-winning Civilized Caveman Cooking and author of the soon-to-be-released The Paleo Kitchen, had this to say about the perfect Paleo shopping list:

My Paleo shopping list always starts with the same thing, BACON!!!! I make sure that I get my bacon from local farmers that take care of their animals as well as don’t load it up with artificial ingredients. Outside of that, I always have some staples in my house that allow me to eat all week. With many of staple ingredients you can make 15-20 different meals easily and never get bored. I love always sticking to simple ingredients I know and mastering them before I get crazy. Just remember to always have fun while cooking and everything will taste delicious.

Paleo Diet Food List – An Essential Grocery Guide

Meat/Seafood and Eggs:

Grass fed ground beef
Grass fed ribeyes
Chicken Thighs
Bone in pork shoulder

Fats and Oils:

Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Bacon Fat
Duck Fat
Grass fed butter


Macadamia Nuts
Brazil Nuts


Coconut Water


Brussels sprouts
Sweet potatoes
Spaghetti squash


Salt and Pepper
Garlic powder
Chili Powder

Paleo Cooking Tips

Bryant also had this excellent advice for cooking Paleo and caveman cuisine:

Paleo meals are so fun because you have endless possibilities at pairing flavor combinations together. My favorite meal to put together, mainly because it only takes 5 minutes is my award winning Crock Pot Pulled Pork. I make this recipe at least once a week and then freeze some for different meals all week. I eat it by itself with some roasted vegetables and sweet potatoes or add it to my eggs for breakfast in the morning. You can make lettuce wraps and top with some of my Paleo BBQ sauce.

You can find the pulled pork recipe here and the BBQ sauce here.

It is important to remember that Paleo is simple and you don’t need to over complicate anything.

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