Top 20 Best E Cig Liquid Flavors

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Since vaping and e cigs have become so popular, many companies have scrambled to get on the bandwagon. E cig juice comes in seemingly infinite flavors. “Normal” ones such as cherry or blueberry are prevalent, but “out-of-the-box” flavors such as cookies and cream or granola bar are also hot on the scene.

On the plus side, because so many companies have entered the e cig liquid market, there are constantly new flavors to try. Alternatively, however, that means some downright nasty vape juice exists. Have you ever purchased a new flavor or brand, only to cringe and shudder? Nobody wants that! Not only is it a waste of money, it leaves a quite literal bad taste in your mouth.

There are a few terms you should understand when purchasing vape juice: VG and PG–they indicate the amount of vapor or flavor in a given e cig liquid. VG, or vegetable glycerin, determines how much vapor will be present after each hit. PG, or Propylene Glycol, provides higher flavors and hits to the throat. A typical VG:PG ratio is 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30. Understanding these ratios is essential to a successful vaping experience. If you choose the wrong type of e cig liquid for yourself or your device, it can ruin the whole ordeal.

So, if you’re in the market for a new flavor or are just curious about what’s out there, read this guide to the best e cig juice!

1. Lava Flow E-Juice By Naked 100

Best Fruity vape juice, naked 100 vape juice

A distinct strawberry and pineapple blend, with a hint of coconut makes this e cig liquid truly divine. The succulent flavoring leaves you exhaling any garbage clouding your mind, and with a delicious taste in your mouth–like a big tall glass of an exotic, fruity beverage! In fact, it’s really most comparable to a fresh piña colada.

Aside from an incredible flavor, it boasts a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. So, take back your flavor and vape on an incredible flavor train to the clouds! Fulfill your island-living dreams–if only temporarily–with this insanely delicious Lava Flow, by the famous Naked 100!

Price: $24.99

Buy the Lava Flow E-Juice By Naked 100 here.


  • Insanely delicious tropical and coconut flavor
  • Allows for large plumes of vapor
  • Comes in a variety of nicotine levels


  • Coconut flavor only becomes apparent when you exhale
  • Only a small throat hit

Find more Lava Flow E-Juice By Naked 100 information and reviews here.

2. Traditional Tobacco E Juice

best tobacco e juice, best alternative cigarette vape, tobacco vape juice

Sometimes a good, ol’ fashioned cigarette and tobacco taste is the only thing on your mind. Forget the tootie fruity, funky flavors–those guys seem to be a dime-a-dozen. Overplayed, if you will. Instead of trying to find an artificial flavor you actually like, why not go with what you know best? A classic tobacco flavor can be the perfect way to vape.

Instead of investing in a pack of actual cigarettes, this e cig liquid allows you to get the same taste experience. Plus, you don’t need to ash, carcinogens have been removed from the picture, and you won’t affect people around you with a gross smell. This vape juice boasts a 25/75 VG/PG ratio. It’s strength of nicotine ranges from 0 to 36 mg (3.6%)

Price: $13.99

Buy the Traditional Tobacco E Juice here.


  • “Dead on” tobacco taste
  • Wide range of nicotine levels
  • Significant amounts of vapor


  • Smaller bottle (only 30 mL)
  • Not as sweet as some traditional cigarettes

Find more Traditional Tobacco E Juice information and reviews here.

3. Snow Ball E Juice

menthol e juice, best menthol vape juiceThis incredible e cig juice elicits childhood memories of playing in the snow. Instead of your breath freezing in the air, however, this vape juice allows you to blow massive plumes of smoke, thanks to its 60/40 VG/PG ratio! Your mouth will be minty fresh, after those big clouds.

As a menthol e cig liquid, it provides much the same experience as a traditional menthol cigarette. A peppermint flavor like no other fills your lungs and tickles your tastebuds. Plus, this vape juice can be paired with other vape mods and tanks, in order to boost your vaping experience. Get the menthol experience you’ve been craving, all while vaping!

Price: $19.99

Buy the Snow Ball E Juice here.


  • Incredible peppermint flavor
  • Great alternative to menthol cigarettes, while providing a unique taste
  • Awesome substitute for when “vape tongue” sets in


  • Dropper can be clunky
  • The VG smokes a bit faster than other e cig liquid
  • 30 mL bottle

Find more Snow Ball E Juice information and reviews here.

4. Barista’s Blend E Juice

best coffee vape juice, coffee flavored vape juiceCoffee and cigarettes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes thinking about the good ol’ days elicits certain feelings and memories. Missing the experience of smoking while drinking your morning brew? Never fear, Ultimo Vapor is here! This awesome company solves that issue in an instant, with Barista’s Blend E Juice.

This amazing e cig liquid gives you both the incredible taste of freshly made coffee and the punch you expect while vaping. Thanks to a VG/PG ratio of 60/40, you’ll be blowing clouds and getting an awesome throat hit. Invest in this vape juice, and maybe you’ll cut down your coffee intake by a cup or two because it’s so dang delicious!

Price: $19.99

Buy the Barista’s Blend E Juice here.


  • Pleasant taste that isn’t too sweet
  • Mixes well with other flavors
  • Keeps tank filters moist


  • Taste isn’t exactly like regular coffee
  • Semi-steep price

Find more Barista’s Blend E Juice information and reviews here.

5. Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice

salted caramel vape juice, best beard vape co

It’s amazing how much a particular taste or smell can bring you back to a specific moment in time. Maybe it was the time Grandma made those amazing chocolate chip cookies. Or perhaps it was the smell of the rain after a mid-summer storm. In this particular case, this insanely delicious e cig juice tastes just like a malted vanilla milkshake with salted caramel.

It seems nothing can quite beat out the taste of a delicious dessert! Beard Vape products all come in an awesome bottle, and are neatly packaged with their iconic logo. This awesome vape juice has a max VG/PG ratio of 70/30, so you’ll be blowing puffy clouds, but maintaining the throat-y hit you’re seeking!

Price: $24.99

Buy the Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice here.


  • Tastes like a dream
  • Doesn’t burn too quickly
  • Extremely economical price


  • Tastes so delicious, you’ll end up smoking it quickly
  • Only up to 6 mg (.6%) nicotine

Find more Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice information and reviews here.

6. Bubble Purp E-Juice By Chubby Bubble

best grape vape juice, grape e juiceThinking back to your childhood, focus in on a time that you had the most amazing grape-flavored gum on the planet. It was so delicious and juicy, right? The flavors just seemed to ooze into your mouth, in the most pleasant way possible. Well, take that scrumptious memory and you’re looking right at the “adult” version of that flavor blast-from-the-past.

Chubby Bubbles Bubble Purp E-Juice gives you an incredible pop of grape-y goodness–without that sickly, manufactured taste some grape products have. This deliciousness has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, perfect for plumes of smoke and throat-heavy hits. So, grab a bottle of this amazing flavor and let yourself fall back into the clouded innocence of childhood–pun fully intended!

Price: $24.99

Buy the Bubble Purp E-Juice By Chubby Bubble here.


  • Awesome, economical price (it’s a 60mL bottle!)
  • Throat hits with awesome clouds
  • Incredible taste


  • Solely smoking a grape flavor can get old
  • Only goes up to 1.2% (12 mg) nicotine content

Find more Bubble Purp E-Juice By Chubby Bubble information and reviews here.

7. Cosmic Fog Chewberry E Juice

best raspberry vape juice, cosmic fog e juiceFruity e cig juice can either be way delicious, or way disgusting–it really doesn’t fall anywhere in between. With so many potential fruity flavors on the market, it can seem intimidating when the time comes to select a new vape juice. Luckily, this e juice is the bomb dot com. Yeah, throwing-it-back-to-2000 type of cool.

This delectable e cig juice marries the taste of passion fruit, strawberry, and a secret blend of other fruits. Your mouth will be exploding with flavor, as you blow out big clouds, thanks to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Have total confidence when you place an order with this delectable e cig juice because it downright rocks!

Price: $15.99 (11 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cosmic Fog Chewberry E Juice here.


  • Delicious, mellow taste
  • Can be smoked all day
  • Super balanced flavor


  • Not as big of a throat hit as you might expect
  • May clog a cartomizer

Find more Cosmic Fog Chewberry E Juice information and reviews here.

8. Beard Vape Co #32 E-Juice

best cookie vape juice, cookie beard vape coNothing screams “dessert” quite like a cinnamon-flavored goodie. Beard Vape Co is at it again with this insanely scrumptious, sweet sugar and cinnamon vape juice blend. Their signature logo is prominent on this 60 mL bottle. If looks could kill, this e cig juice would kill twice over because the flavor is a massive explosion in your mouth.

Not only is this an insanely delicious e cig juice, it’s also great for your wallet. Beard Vape understands that quality and price play into every purchase, so they always have the best flavors for your pocketbook. A 60/40 VG/PG ratio gives you awesome cloudy hits, while retaining that throat-y feel you seek. Don’t delay in getting the most awesome cookie-flavored vape juice on the planet!

Price: $24.99

Buy the Beard Vape Co #32 E-Juice here.


  • Delicious taste
  • Pocket-book-friendly price
  • 60 mL bottle means you don’t have to re-purchase as often


  • Only goes up to .6% (6 mg) of nicotine
  • Popular flavor, so it’s occasionally sold out

Find more Beard Vape Co #32 E-Juice information and reviews here.

9. Meteor Milk E Juice By Space Jam

best space jam vape, meteor milk vape juiceSpace Jam…like the movie? While Michael Jordan won’t be popping into any golf holes, with this delectable vape juice you’ll be to the moon in terms of tasty bliss. Meteor Milk is one of the most delicious strawberries-and-cream e juices on the planet, and quite possibly in the entire universe.

Instead of a grossly overwhelming strawberry-and-manufactured-cream taste, the crew at Space Jam really perfected the perfect flavor combination. A 70/30 VG/PG ratio gives you all of the clouds and the throat hits you’re after. So if you’re looking for an incredible strawberry-based flavor, then you’ve met your maker!

Price: $21.99

Buy the Meteor Milk E Juice By Space Jam here.


  • Mind-blowingly delicious taste
  • Great cloud production
  • Comes in child-proof container


  • Only goes up to 1.2% (12 mg) nicotine content
  • Popular, so it’s not always in stock

Find more Meteor Milk E Juice By Space Jam information and reviews here.

10. Baby Clouds E-Juice By Transistor

baby clouds vape juice, best transistor vape juiceSometimes a single flavor just isn’t enough. That’s where Baby Clouds E-Juice, by Transistor steps in. It provides the trifecta of taste: strawberry, custard, and nuts. Depending on the mod you use, you’ll experience a more strawberry- or custard-heavy flavor.

Either way, though, the individual tastes blend perfectly into an amazing vaping experience. A VG/PG ratio of 70/30 lets the good times….er good clouds roll. Keep on riding the cloudy train for a longer period of time, thanks to the 60 mL bottle. Baby Clouds is where it’s at!

Price: $24.99

Buy the Baby Clouds E-Juice By Transistor here.


  • Real strawberries and cream taste
  • Perfect cloud-to-flavor ratio
  • Great price for a 60 mL bottle
  • Super popular e cig juice in Chicago


  • Taste varies by mod, so it can be different for each user
  • Only goes up to .6% or (6 mg) nicotine levels

Find more Baby Clouds E-Juice By Transistor information and reviews here.

11. Hawaiian POG E-Juice By Naked 100

Best naked 100 juice, best fruity e juiceClose your eyes for a moment, and think about a beautiful sunset over the water. What if you could take that image and make it into a full-fledged vape juice flavor? You actually can! Naked 100’s taste game is on-point. They’ve taken the amazing tropical flavors you experience on a beach vacation, and have perfected them into the perfect blend of passion fruit, guava, and a hint of orange.

Daiquiris made fresh on the Maui beach don’t come close to touching the insane flavor of this e cig juice. Pair that taste with billowing plumes for days, owing to a 70/30 VG/PG content, and you’ll be rolling on cloud 9. Tropical flavors are a dime-a-dozen, but Hawaiian POG is truly a dime!

Price: $24.99

Buy the Hawaiian POG E-Juice By Naked 100 here.


  • Great for vaping all day
  • Super pocketbook-friendly because it’s a 60 mL bottle
  • Delicious fruity taste


  • The highest nicotine-content sold is 1.2% (12 mg)
  • If fruity flavors aren’t your thing, stay away!

Find more Hawaiian POG E-Juice By Naked 100 information and reviews here.

12. Javelin E-Juice By Mod Fuel

Javelin e juice, best mod fuel vape juiceIt’s no wonder Javelin was dubbed with its name: it has a quick punch when you first hit it, and builds in complexity the more you smoke it. Tropical flavors are always an incredible choice, but Michigan-based Mod Fuel has truly created your next go-to vape juice.

A lemonade taste comes about at first, with the tropical flavors being enhanced as you exhale. Javelin boasts a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, ensuring a throat-y hit with big clouds. The more you smoke, the more you’ll love Javelin because the flavors truly build over time. Experience a different type of vaping with Mod Fuel’s e cig juice.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Javelin E-Juice By Mod Fuel here.


  • Real lemonade flavor
  • 60 mL bottle for a great price–your wallet says “thanks!”
  • Taste builds and morphs over time


  • Maximum nicotine-content is 1.2% (12 mg)
  • Can be a bit tart

Find more Javelin E-Juice By Mod Fuel information and reviews here.

13. I Love Cookies Too E-Juice

best cookie vape juice, mad hatter cookie e juiceNothing beats one of mom’s cookies, hot out of the oven…well nothing beat mom’s cookies until now! I Love Cookies Too is an awesome alternative to actually munching on a baked good. Get your cookie fix with this fresh chocolate chip cookie taste. It has hints of strawberry, caramel drizzle, and extra chocolate chips. Just like its sister vape juice, I Love Cookies, your mouth will be watering for more.

Even more, this delectable vape juice comes in a 60 mL bottle, extending the time between purchases. A 70/30 VG/PG ratio ensures big, billowing clouds of smoke, and a deliciously throat-y hit. Cookies are amazing, but I Love Cookies Too is on the cusp of perfection!

Price: $24.99 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the I Love Cookies Too E-Juice here.


  • Legitimately tastes like cookies!
  • Great all-day vape
  • Doesn’t gum up coils as much as comparable e juices


  • So delicious, you’ll tear through a bottle quickly
  • Available in maximum of .6% nicotine (6 mg)

Find more I Love Cookies Too E-Juice information and reviews here.

14. EZ Duz It E Juice By Ruthless

best tropical e juice, best ruthless vape juiceIf you’re a flavor freak, then this is absolutely the vape juice for you. Ruthless really nailed an incredible mixture of watermelon and strawberries. Close your eyes as you inhale, and you may catch yourself imagining that juicy first bite into a strawberry at the peak of summer.

While it has a super delicious flavor, it is definitely on the sweeter, stronger side. Because of its 90/10 VG/PG ratio, the flavor factor is far more intense than that of a 70/30 or 60/40. In addition to the massive flavor, you’ll be blowing massive clouds! Dive into the complex pool of fruity flavors with EZ Duz It!

Price: $19.99

Buy the EZ Duz It E Juice By Ruthless here.


  • Rich, deep flavor
  • A phenomenal all-day vape
  • Retains taste from 0 nicotine to the max amount


  • May come across as a semi-artificial over time
  • Taste can be overwhelming if you’ve never smoked that high of a VG

Find more EZ Duz It E Juice By Ruthless information and reviews here.

15. Lemon-Lime Slush E-Juice By Draco Vapors

lemon-lime e juice, lemon-lime vape juiceLooking to dip your toes into a new flavor, but are unsure of where to start? Lemon-Lime Slush by Draco Vapors won the Best Fruit Flavor award at the 2016 National Vape Expo–it’s got the awards to back up its deliciousness. They say that a name is everything, but Draco Vapors doesn’t just have the street cred, it delivers on taste like no other!

In fact, the 80/20 VG/PG ratio gives it its super strong flavor profile. Lemon-lime is an incredible taste, but can easily be butchered with vaping. Draco Vapors really nailed the flavor to a T. You don’t want to miss out on this award-winning scrumptiousness!

Price: $17.99 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Lemon-Lime Slush E-Juice By Draco Vapors here.


  • On-point lemon-lime flavor
  • Produces billowing clouds
  • Doesn’t gunk up coils
  • Amazing all-day vape


  • Can be a bit tart
  • Less-flavorful after-taste

Find more Lemon-Lime Slush E-Juice By Draco Vapors information and reviews here.

16. RazzWow E Juice

raspberry e cig juice, best wow vape juiceThere’s something, dare I say, razzdazzling about an intense raspberry flavor! Wow truly knows how to craft real, delicious flavors, and RazzWow is absolutely no exception. The blue raspberry flavor adds an awesome twist to a typically sweet raspberry taste. Instead of an awkwardly-manufactured taste that berries can bring about in vape juice, Wow really nailed it.

RazzWow comes in seven separate nicotine strengths, ranging from no nicotine to 3.6%, or 36 mg. A 75/25 VG/PG ratio allows for both incredible flavor and massive clouds! So, regardless if you’re one who doesn’t use nicotine, or likes a super big punch, this is definitely the e cig juice for you.

Price: $13.99

Buy the RazzWow E Juice here.


  • Mixes well with other flavors
  • Not too sweet, not too tart–just right
  • Awesome throat hit with billowing clouds
  • Very easy on smileomizers


  • Only comes in 30 mL size
  • Best used on occasion, rather than every day

Find more RazzWow E Juice information and reviews here.

17. Fried Cookies And Cream E Juice By FRYD

cookies and cream vape juice, best FRYD vape juiceSometimes you just need to pull the trigger on the weirder things in life. In this case, it’s trying the seemingly-odd Fried Cookies and Cream E Juice. It sounds downright off, but who doesn’t love a deliciously fried cookie? Well, FRYD really pinpoints that taste without making it over-the-top or sickly sweet.

In addition to the killer flavor, the 70/30 VG/PG ratio really allows you to experience it, without it being to overwhelming. You really don’t want to miss this whacky flavor–it’ll bring back memories of carnie food. Or maybe it won’t. Regardless, though, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t purchase this awesome flavor sooner!

Price: $17.99

Buy the Fried Cookies And Cream E Juice here.


  • It tastes like fried cookies…need I say more?
  • Worth the price
  • Great all-day smoke


  • Maximum nicotine content is 1.2% (12 mg)
  • Very thick for most coils

Find more Fried Cookies And Cream E Juice information and reviews here.

18. Original Granola Bar By Yogi E-Juice

granola flavored e-juice, new e juice flavors, best yogi vape juiceSometimes it can feel like all of the vape juices are either super fruity or super dessert/sugar-heavy. While those are totally delicious, it can be nice to take a break and try something new. The Original Granola Bar is the perfect solution to your vaping woes. A delectable honey and granola flavor fills your lungs with each hit.

Because both clouds and taste are important, this 70/30 VG/PG ratio ensures you get the best of both worlds! Instead of vaping yourself silly on the same flavors all the time, invest in a more out-of-the-box vape juice. Don’t miss out on this awesome alternative to the many fruity or dessert-y flavors

Price: $17.99

Buy the Original Granola Bar By Yogi E-Juice here.


  • Perfect as an all-day vape
  • Delicious taste
  • Awesome alternative to sugary vape juices


  • May have a hint of pound cake in the flavor
  • Can be a bit sweet at first

Find more Original Granola Bar By Yogi E-Juice information and reviews here.

19. Traditional Menthol E Juice

best menthol e juice, best cig alternative, menthol vape juiceWhile flavored menthols provide a great experience, sometimes you really just want a good ol’ fashioned, regular menthol hit. Traditional Menthol E Juice has a distinct flavor marriage of tobacco and menthol. It provides the same feeling and headspace you get with a traditional cigarette–hence the name.

Of course, it provides the experience of a cigarette without all of the carcinogens and harmful things, as well! So, if you’re in the mood for an awesome drag from a cig, the Traditional Menthol E Juice is your go-to. It provides the true flavor of a traditional cigarette, tobacco and all!

Price: $13.99

Buy the Traditional Menthol E Juice here.


  • Awesome all-day vape
  • Great taste-to-clouds ratio
  • Combines well with other flavors


  • Very popular, and can be out-of-stock
  • The tobacco flavor can be overwhelming

Find more Traditional Menthol E Juice information and reviews here.

20. Pure CBD Oil

best CBD oil, blue moon hemp, best CBD vape juiceCBD is a derivative of hemp. It has many medical benefits, alleviating a wide variety of ailments and symptoms. Since it contains such minuscule amounts of THC (the psychoactive ingredient), you won’t get high. Instead, it’ll provide relief in a discreet manner.

This particular CBD vape juice contains 70/30 VG/PG ratio, so you’ll still get a good throat-y hit with big clouds. CBD provides a benefit while you’re vaping. Rather than smoking just for entertainment (which is awesome in and of itself), this e cig juice benefits you!

Price: $34.99

Buy the Pure CBD Oil here.


  • Very natural tasting
  • Clouds don’t leave unpleasant odor
  • Provides relief, in addition to recreational benefits


  • Only comes in 100 mg (or 400 mg) size
  • A bit expensive (but very well-worth it!)

Find more Pure CBD Oil information and reviews here.

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Great list of liquids, I especially like the Beard Vape #24 as the salted caramel really comes through at the end.

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