The Harley-Davidson Museum

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin showcases more than 100 years of history using 450 motorcycles. It’s well worth the trip, but until you can make it in person, check out our exclusive photo gallery.


This short offers a glimpse not only of a beautiful custom motorcycle, but also Brooklands. It was the world’s first purpose-built racetrack that opened in England during 1907, but fell into disrepair during WWII and was never used again.

Top Gear: The Ashes Challenge

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May go head-to-head against their opposite numbers from Australian Top Gear in a car-based version of The Ashes.

The Black Falcon

The Black Falcon is the third in a planned run of ten concept bikes from Falcon Motorcycles. A six-man team took a year to complete this custom based on the Vincent Black Shadow. Absolutely stunning.

The World’s Most Expensive Car

A Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic was recently sold for over 30 million dollars making it the most expensive car in the world. Take a firsthand look.

Top Gear: Porsche Turbo vs. VW Beetle

The Porsche 911 Turbo and an ageing VW Beetle go head-to-head in an extraordinary one-mile drag race. Richard Hammond in the Porsche must cover the distance on the ground while the Beetle is dropped from a helicopter. Which will win? The Porsche or gravity?

Icy Riders

For three years, filmmaker Bengt Löfgren, followed the riders, mechanics and fans in the glorious world of Ice Speedway racing. Watch the beginning of his documentary.

Harley-Davidson Serial Number One

We want to celebrate our photography so we’re launching a new type of photo gallery right here, right now. Hint: it’s BIG. And what better way to celebrate than a first-hand look at the very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Let’s do this thing.

Introducing the McLaren MP4-12C

Designer Frank Stephenson shows off the incredible McLaren MP4-12C, the first production car designed and built by McLaren since the mind-bending F1.

Snowmobile Fail

This video is kinda uneventful, badass really, then things go terribly, terribly wrong. And for a long, long time.