The Jeep Mighty FC Concept Eats Rough Terrain

Motor Trend puts the rock-ready concept Mighty FC up against the Moab terrain alongside its military forebearer, a 1964 Jeep Forward Control. This militaristic Wrangler-based beast handles the rough of terrain on its huge wheels while placing the driver above the front tires for a cockpit-like view.

Mystery of the Traub Motorcycle

In 1967 a plumber working on a building renovation outside Chicago discovered a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that had sat behind a brick wall for almost 50 years. With an unknown origin and engineering and machining well ahead of its time, the Traub represents one of the greatest mysteries in American motorcycle history.

A Day With Dimitri Coste

Spend the day getting to know Dimitri Coste who is actually a pretty hard person to nail down – truly a master jack of all trades – photographer, filmmaker, motorcycle and BMX rider and largest known collector of Vans to name a few… His skills on the 1964 Triumph Tiger Cub and behind the camera speak for themselves.

Chasing Summer: Land’s End

Starting in sunny La Paz, Mexico, Baja 1000 champions Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody head to the halfway point of their odyssey – Cabo San Lucas – guided by the locals through the trails, trees, and pristine white sand beaches. There cliff diving, partying, and fun times await.

Adventure Touring with the KTM 990 and Yamaha Super Ténéré

Both Yamaha and KTM have dominated the legendary Dakar races for decades. Wes Siler and Grant Ray do their best not to fly off a ridge while taking the KTM 990 Adventure and Yamaha Super Ténéré deep into the Angeles National Forest’s system of fire roads, trails and creeks, while covering many other aspects of off-road touring from camping and riding gear to repairs.

Who Needs Pedals and a Steering Wheel in Their Supercar?

Mats Öhman, paralyzed below his mid/lower back, races rally cross in a 550 hp supercar without the aid of his feet, controlling the gas, brakes and transmission with his right hand while his left hand steers. Add in the fact that in the event of a crash Mats is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to escaping the wreck, and his accomplishments become that much more awe-inspiring.

Can a Mazda Ride the Wall of Death?

The Wall of Death is normally reserved for motorcycles – usually vintage bikes – but Mazda decided to see what would happen if a modern car attempted to defy gravity in the world-famous Demon Drome.

Travis Pastrana Tests His New RallyCross Car

Travis Pastrana puts his new Dodge Dart Global RallyCross entry through its paces at an undisclosed location. This test was his first opportunity to learn what the 600hp, all-wheel drive racer can do.