Denzel Washington and Nicolas Winding Refn Team For ‘The Equalizer’

Just announced today, Denzel Washington and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, who is currently finishing up his next Ryan Gosling project, Only God Forgives, will be teaming up next year for a film adaptation of the hit 80’s TV show, The Equalizer.

Denzel will play as Robert McCall, a former intelligence agent turned private dick who wants to erase the sins of his past by doing some good in the world.

Refn is a red-hot prospect in Hollywood right now, with Drive receiving critical praise from just about everyone (I personally thought it was the best film of 2011). Denzel is Denzel, and will always be a box-office draw. The potential for this being a slam-dunk of a film is there and I’m quite excited for this pairing.

We last saw Denzel in Robert Zemeckis’ Flight, which wasn’t so critically lauded, and we’ll next see Refn’s work in the Gosling vehicle, Only God Forgives, next year.

What do you think? Will this film be awesome?

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