Guillermo del Toro: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know


Guillermo del Toro is a positive man.

You have to be positive with a schedule like his. The director and visionary, who began his film work back in the early 80’s studying under one of the great masters (we’ll get to that later), is on quite the run these days. Since winning nine Mexican Academy Awards for his breakout vampire classic, Cronos, back in 1993, the auteur has been on a tear in Hollywood, and he hasn’t looked back.

With the Pacific Rim Blu-ray/DVD hitting the shelves this week, what better to do than take a long look at the director of such rollicking films as Hellboy and Blade II. Here’s ten things you should know about Guillermo del Toro…

del-toro-book2-OPTI1. He’s an Author
Beginning back in June of 2009, del Toro and writer Chuck Hogan set upon creating a trilogy of gothic, vampire tales—starting with The Strain—that earned some pretty good reviews. This month, he’s releasing his artistic musings and film notes in a large compendium entitled Cabinet of Curiosities. You see? He can do more than just make amazing films.

2. He directed This Year’s Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Intro

Called “The Bleak House”, the home features blood-red curtains and contains all of the various creatures, from his movies and others, that he has collected over the years. The house also features an impressive library, with some books dating back to the 1700’s. It’s not just all play at “The Bleak House” though. del Toro uses the creepy manor as his base of operations for his many projects.

10. The Guy Who Did the Make-Up For The Exorcist Mentored del Toro
del Toro is not only known for his great directing chops, but his creature creation and make-up skills are not too shabby either. You can put some of the blame for that on the shoulders of Dick Smith, the Oscar-winning make-up artist for films like Amadeus, and The Exorcist. If you want to really get inside the mind of del Toro, and the way his mind conjures up such creepily complicated monstrosities, then check out his new book. But, in the meantime, check out some of the creatures he’s helped create over the years.

Get Pacific Rim on Blu-ray/DVD out this week!

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