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Full Release: Movies

The Wolfman

Big weekend for movies,ladies and gentlemen. You can get Greek with Percy Jackson, get hairy with the Wolfman, or get laid if you take your girl to Valentine’s Day. No more dissembling – we have movies to see!

The Wolfman – What with vampires getting all the love from Twilight, the time was ripe to bring back some of the other old-school monsters. Joe Johnston’s reboot takes it all back home, with the cursed Larry Talbot fated to shapeshift into a hideous beast-man under the light of the full moon. The atmosphere on this flick looks incredible – all foggy moors and London slums – and I can’t think of a better actor than Benicio Del Toro to take on the role made famous by Lon Chaney Jr. Will be checking this out today, expect a review soon.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – The latest attempt to seize the young adult fantasy crown from Harry Potter has an ace in the hole with Chris Columbus, the director who brought the first Potter book to the big screen. All the pieces are in place – young gentleman with a mysterious past, secret organization supporting him, great conspiracy against him, Uma Thurman as Medusa… It remains to be seen whether Percy will grab audiences like Harry did, but this looks like a fun little diversion through mythology.

Valentine’s Day – Wow, a movie called Valentine’s Day is coming out Valentine’s Day weekend! That’s totally original! This looks like a mash-up between L.A. Story and He’s Just Not That Into You or whatever that movie was called – a group of interconnected people fall in and out of love and learn lessons about things. Pros: lots of extremely hot chicks (Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift). Cons: you will probably be compared unfavorably to the movie’s dudes (Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx). It’s a toss-up.

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