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The 10 Best Musician Roles and Cameos in Movies

Long has the silver screen been a draw for the minstrels of the world, often with catastrophic results. However, as long as actors, athletes,and celebrities continue to torture us with singles, a delicate truce exists. Listed here are some of the most successful, unique, or otherwise crazy cameos and roles that our favorite performers have attempted through the years.

This horrendous shlock fest fed Costners ego, but not his pocket book, as this along with Water World practically ended his career. It’s a tragedy most people will never see this cameo, it’s literally impossible to not claw your eyes out after the first ten minutes. In case you wear protective goggles, Petty is decent as a Mad Max style appointed official. It’s mentioned in the film that he was famous once, but now he’s just like everyone else…except he’s the mayor. If they had skipped the third act and shown a set with the Heartbreakers maybe they could have avoided the $62,373,766 net loss.

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