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The Coen Brothers’ screwball homage to the shameless sentimentality of Frank Capra and the rat-a-tat dialogue of Howard Hawks stars Tim Robbins as Norville Barnes, a naive young man from Muncie, Indiana who manages to go from mail clerk to President of Hudsucker Industries in about a week’s time thanks to the scheming board of directors looking to plummet the stock — a plan that backfires when Norville’s invention, the hula hoop, ends up being a smash success. Jennifer Jason Leigh is the fast-talking, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter looking to get to the bottom of it all. While it doesn’t always work the way the Coens (and co-writer Sam Raimi) probably intended, The Hudsucker Proxy is still a charmer, with a terrific ensemble cast that thankfully “gets” its retro style — especially Paul Newman as the cigar-chomping, villainous Sidney J. Mussburger.

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