New On Netflix: DMT: The Spirit Molecule

This trippy documentary is rated PG-13 not so much for “drug content” but because it’s kind of about a drug‚ well, not so much a drug as the “ultimate metaphysical reality pill,” according to one interviewee. Confused? Just go with it, along with several artists, psychiatrists, pharmacologists, radiologists, ethnobotanists and a handful of just all-around hippies who have come together to discuss “DMT” — dimethyltryptamine, a powerful psychedelic compound that might very well be “the Force” that George Lucas has been talking about all these years. DMT: The Spirit Molecule discusses this substance produced by both humans and plants alike that some say serves as the “universal language” of all living things; it might better be described as the “reality molecule,” as it maps our mass acceptance of what is our every-day “reality” — too little DMT, and everything looks like a blurry Sin City comic; too much, and you’re trapped in a multi-color, far-out Ken Russell movie (Altered States, anyone?). The film’s groovy presentation sometimes borders on self-parody, but this is a fascinating subject from any angle you look at it — which is for the best, as it seems to be looking at us from every angle imaginable.

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