La Soga Movie Trailer

When Louisito, AKA La Soga, watches his assassin father get killed, he vows to take up his father’s business to make sure justice is served. Check out the trailer for this action-packed movie set in the Dominican Republic.

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo Movie Trailer

Prisoners at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary occasionally put on a rodeo; often it gets especially violent and gory because most of them don’t have much left to lose. That’s pretty awesome, but it gets awesomer when we tell you many of the inmates are women. Check out this trailer for a documentary about those awesome women’s stories.

Titanic II Movie Trailer

Oh, of course there’s going to be a Titanic II. Why wouldn’t there be? Watch the trailer for the absolutely unnecessary sequel.

Yogi Bear Movie Trailer

Hey, it’s the trailer for Yogi Bear! Because Hollywood hasn’t destroyed everything we love about our childhood with CGI and fart jokes. Yet. But they’re working on it.

Flower Warfare

Dig this sweet short film that blends psychedelic hippy-dippy flower power with balls-out action.

After.Life Movie Trailer

Here’ the trailer for the creepy new thriller After.Life, starring Christina Ricci as a young woman who might be dead or might be alive and Liam Neeson as the funeral director who has his own ideas.