The 20 Worst Hip-Hop Album Covers

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Candyman

Candyman – Ain’t No Shame In My Game – Well, you know, maybe there should be. Just a little bit, you know, enough to stop you from playing Willy Wonka Twister on the cover of your record.

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Common

Common – Finding Forever – Yo, if you thought that Candyman record was homo, this is a whole ‘nother level. I love Common to death but brother’s wearing eyeliner and he just got a copy of Illustrator. He looks like Andre 3000 went to community college. Bad decisions all around.

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Cam'Ron

Cam’Ron – Confessions Of Fire – Okay, the degree of gayness between Candyman and Common is the distance from New York to Cleveland, Ohio. The degree of gayness between Common and Cam’Ron (what’s up with all these C names?) is the distance from Cleveland, Ohio to Jupiter. Look at him. He oiled himself up for this cover. He should call it Confessions Of Fire Island.

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Ghostface Killa

Ghostface Killa – Bulletproof Wallets – All right, enough gay jokes. This is just Ghostface… making breakfast for Raekwon… in his bathrobe. Oh God dammit.

Worst Hip-Hop Album Covers Majik Most

Majik Most – Molesting Hiphop – Yo, I know it’s street to act like you’re a hardened criminal, but somehow I don’t think “child molester” is really what you want to shoot for. Especially with your snorkel and barely-past-puberty facial hair. Bonus points for the completely inappropriate Ernie and Bert cameo.

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