Breakthrough Band: Cults

CultsCults is the just recently formed lovechild of 21-year-old NYC film students and couple Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion. As opposed to many so-called ‘internet hype bands’ which seem to follow a ‘marketing plan’ and utilize the whole ‘mystery’ thing as an additional gimmick, Cults really did nothing much besides putting up a few songs on the artist platform Bandcamp and the major indie signposts such as Gorilla vs. Bear and Pitchfork went wild.

Sound-wise, Cults are really close to 60s girl groups such as The Shangri-Las and scandinavian twee pop, while you can definitely hear some hints of modern production techniques in their currently available works. According to an interview with Pitchfork, this direction of sound is a result of the different music backgrounds of the duo, Madeline coming from a punk background and Brian being into psychedelic surf-rock, leading to them listening to Motown-era soul music when they started dating.

Another interesting bit from the interview was band member Brian saying that “back in the day, there was kind of a mystery to rock and roll, where you could look at album covers and imagine what their lives are like. Now we’re not satisfied unless we know exactly what they do everyday, who they are, where they live” which perfectly fits to one of my main problems with other music fans and critics: the fact that their judgements don’t really seem to be based on the actual music but often revolves around appearance as well as social and musical backgrounds – something that can of course spark interest or make an act more fascinating but doesn’t really change the music a single bit.

Cults are currently working on their first full-length recording and are planning to go on tour in summer. Listen to ‘Go Outside’, the song that started it all, after the jump and head over to Bandcamp to download the complete ‘Cults 7″‘.

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