FACT Mix 250 – 2 Bad Mice

The fine folks at FACT keep amazing mixes coming, and this one is no let down:

FACT mix 250 is a time machine. It’s destination? 1991, ’92, ’93, ’94.
This time machine has been built for us by 2 Bad Mice, the original nutters whose early productions – produced in collaboration with Rob Playford – constitute some of early rave’s finest musical moments, and midwifed jungle into life.

Founded in 1991 by Sean O’Keefe and Simon Colebooke, and, in a brilliant contraction of distant points on the map of English culture – dirty raves and bucolic children’s literature – they took their name (and that of their signature, breakthrough track) from Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Two Bad Mice, about two good-for-not rodents who vandalise a little girl’s dollhouse. The moniker, with its connotations of mischief, mayhem and bare-faced cheek, was perfect for O’Keefe and Colebrooke’s concoctions of shifty breakbeats, impish vocal loops and earth-quaking sub-bass.

1. Underkut – “Both Ends” Mendoza
2. Da Juice “Hear The Angels” Torso
3. Walters & Allen “On De Ball” Mendoza
4. 2 Bad Mice “Bombscare” Moving Shadow
5. Kicks Like A Mule “The Bouncer” Tribal Bass
6. Code 071 “A London Sumtin” Reinforced
7. The Sorcerer “Odyssey” ADR
8. MC Jay J & DJ Devious D “Time Of Our Lives” Awesome
9. Kaotic Chemistry “Space Cakes” Moving Shadow
10. Chemical Company “Define the Beat” White Label
11. M17 “Rockin’ Down The House” Chill
12. DJ Phantasy & DJ Seduction “DJ’s Unite” Impact
13. Edge 1 “Compounded” Edge Records
14. DJ Tim & DJ Misjah “Access” (Rhodesy VIP) X-Trax
15. Urban Hype “Trip” (Renmix) Faze 2
16. Phuture Assassins “Future Sound” (2 Bad Mice Remix) Suburban Bass

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