Best of 2Pac Mixtape

“Every time I make a tribute mix, I learn interesting things about the artist. I had no idea Dre and Tupac didn’t like each other. I never noticed the line in ‘To Live And Die in L.A.” where he says “California love part 2, without gayass dre”. Kinda crazy actually – California Love was Dre’s track… I’ve had small beefs and people biting my work, but I can’t imagine what these guys were feeling. Two of the biggest artists in hip-hop history, working during a time of a silly west-east coast beef, and they didn’t even like each other. Pac sounds like he might have been really difficult to work with in the studio, but he cranked out a lot of work, with a lot of range – Enjoy 80 minutes of everything 2Pac, from his original samples, to Dave Chappelle’s skits about how Pac still lives, to his first joints with Digital Underground. Peace.”

- DJ M-Rock

1. Ambitionz of a Ridah
2. Can’t Deny It – Fabolous Ft. Nate Dogg ^
3. Life of an Outlaw
4. Body Heat – Quincy Jones *
5. How Do U Want It ft. K-Ci & JoJo
6. Toss It Up
7. Can’t C Me
8. What’s My Name – Snoop Dogg ^*
9. 2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted ft. Snoop Dogg
10. Peep Game ft. Deadly Threat
11. The Humpty Dance
12. I wrote this song in 94 – Dave Chapelle %
13. Same Song – Digital Underground +
14. Atomic Dog – George Clinton *
15. Holler If Ya Hear Me
16. Last Wordz ft. Ice Cube
17. West Coast Poplock – Arthur King & Uncle T. *
18. Dance Floor – Zapp *
19. California Love – Dr. Dre +
20. Garden Freestyle – Notorious B.I.G. & 2pac
21. Get Money Remix – Junior Mafia *
22. Hit Em’ Up
23. Who Shot Ya – The Notorious B.I.G. %
24. Freestyle for Spike Lee – Notorious B.I.G. & 2pac
25. Let’s Get It on – Heavy D, Grand Puba & Notorious Big +
26. All Eyez On Me
27. Street Dreams – Nas ^
28. Thugz Mansion – Nas +
29. Pour Out a Little Liquor – 2pac
30. Me & My Girlfriend
31. Bonnie & Clyde 2003 – Jay-Z ft. Beyonce ^
32. Me Against The World
33. Baby Don’t Cry
34. Gotta Get Mine
35. Y? (Be Like That) (Jay Dee Remix) – The Pharcyde
36. What you won’t do
37. Picture Me Rollin’
38. I Get Around
39. Hold Me – Brian Mcknight
40. All About U ft. Nate Dogg
41. Candy – Cameo *
42. Changes
43. That Girl – Stevie Wonder *
44. So Many Tears
45. My Block
46. Live and Die in L.A.
47. Ooh Child – The Five Stairsteps *
48. Keep Ya Head Up
49. Brenda’s Got A Baby
50. Thugz Get Lonely Too ft. Nate Dogg
51. What You Won’t Do – Bobby Caldwell *
52. A Dream – Debarge *
53. I Ain’t Mad At Cha (ft Danny Boy)
54. Dear Mama

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