Miley Cyrus Cutter Photos: New Slash Marks Signal Self Abuse

Via RadarOnline.

The latest photo of cut marks on Miley Cyrus’ arm is added evidence that the woman-child is self-destructive and out of control.

Miley keeps landing in tabloids for the latest episode of getting wasted in public or baring her ass on the street in itsy-bitsy Daisy Dukes.

It’s no surprise her established lack of self-respect has escalated into self-abuse.

Dr. Drew did warn parents Billy Ray and Tish that Miley could become another Britney after the stress of their divorce. But Drew didn’t say anything about cutting!

Cutters are generally victims of abuse, possibly sexual or emotional. They cut to feel something because their ability to feel emotion is suppressed. They are then released of the shame from the experience or trauma and able to feel free and alive. Cutters generally suffer from anxiety disorder and often lack social skills.

Miley responded to previous cutter rumors in exhibitionist fashion, tweeting a bra-less photo of herself with a razor to her skin. A strangely glib denial yet fitting response for an insecure, confused, attention-craving child.

Will it take a Britney-style meltdown to get Miley the help she needs? Or will someone in her life do more than go along for the crazy ride?

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