We Are The 47 Percent: Government-Dependent Citizens Make Whiny Signs

Mitt Romney

By now we’ve all seen the video about how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney blatantly disses almost half of American citizens (47 percent to be exact) at a closed-door fundraiser, calling them dependent on the government, victims, and not worth his time. As you can imagine, these 47 percent are in an uproar. Posted on a Tumblr account called We Are the 47 Percent: A Project of Tomorrow Mag, the 47 percent show their concern:

47 Percent

“Racked up 50k in debt on locally made craft projects, artisanal canned goods and medical marijuana. Where’s my bailout Obama? WE ARE THE 47%!!!”

47 Percent

“What do you mean I have to give up my unemployment checks just because I got a job? What sort of fascist society IS this? We are the 47 percent.”

47 Percent

“I’m stuck w/ Obama because he sends me gov’t design checks. WE ARE THE 47%”

47 Percent

“Bought too much kale @ the co-op. Went bad in the fridge. OBAMA!!! WE ARE THE 47%”

47 Percent

“My unemployment check is late so I can’t afford to continue my Kiehl’s skincare regimen. Dry. Flaky. FED UP! WE ARE THE 47%!!!”

47 Percent

“Spent all my $$ on coke and condoms, can’t afford to re-up on my anti-anxiety candy. Where’s my Obamacare? WE ARE THE 47%”

47 Percent

“$20k in debt after associates’ degree in holistic healing. Can barely afford to keep basics in fridge. Haven’t gotten new glasses in years. Where my government @? WE ARE THE 47%!”

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