Woman Beater Chris Brown Gets Tattoo of a Beaten Woman

Chris Brown Rihanna Tattoo
Chris Brown deserves the Ed Hardy award for excellence in Douchebaggery. A recent picture of the musician-turned-woman-beater revealed a new neck tattoo on Chris’ neck that appears to be a picture of a beaten woman. That’s right, a man accused a beating his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, went out and got a tattoo that looks eerily similar to police photos of Rihanna’s bruised face.

Sources close to Brown claim that the tattoo is not a picture of Rihanna but just a “random woman.” I fail to see how this is a valid excuse for the tattoo for two reasons.

The first reason, is that even if it isn’t Rihanna, it still features a horrible thing that he was accused of. This is the equivalent of Michael Vick getting a tattoo of a tomb stone that says “Here Lies Fluffy” and then releasing a statement that says “No, you guys misunderstood, this is a different Fluffy.” Or Michael Jackson getting a tattoo of a kid’s butt on his arm that he claims is “another kid’s butt.” Or that time that M. Night Shyamalan got a “last Airbender was awesome!” tattoo and claimed it was the cartoon and not his movie.

The second reason, IT’S STILL A PICTURE OF A BEATEN WOMAN! Even if CeeLo Green, arguably the most unintimidating and fluffy music star around, got a tattoo of a beaten woman on his neck it would still be in poor taste.

No word yet on what Rihanna thinks of the fresh woman-beater ink, she’s probably cool with it though. After all, her and “Beat-down Brown” were pretty chummy at the MTV VMAs last weekend.

Via Daily Mail

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