’8 Mile’ Actress Taryn Manning Arrested for Punching Her Personal Assistant

Taryn Manning arrested busted assault assistant

Taryn Manning has an impressive resume, having starred in movies with Eminem and Britney Spears in the same year and adding roles in two of the biggest TV shows today, Sons of Anarchy and Hawaii 5-0. She can now add the most diva of moves to it — attacking her own personal assistant.

The actress, who also appeared in the Oscar-winning Hustle and Flow, has been charged by New York City police with misdemeanor assault of her PA at the swanky Dream Downtown Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday morning. The incident occurred at 5 a.m. (she must not be a morning person) when the 33-year-old allegedly punched her assistant and then kicked her. In what we can only assume was an attempt at a hug, Manning followed it up by grabbing her 23-year-old PA’s throat.

There might be something in the location — it’s the same hotel where last month Lindsay Lohan hit a bystander with her car. It could be downtown Manhattan’s answer to the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, causing its guests to do things that are completely out of character.

Manning just released her debut album, Freedom City, last month.

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