Brazilian Student Sells Virginity for $780,000 to Japanese Man

Catarina Migliorini

20-year-old Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini auctioned her hymen off for a whopping $780,000 on Wednesday to a lucky Japanese man called Natsu, reports

The auction ended at 4 a.m EST this morning where Natsu beat two American men and one Indian man,along with many others who bid for the girl, for a minimum of a one hour cherry-popping session. The student will be followed by an Australian film crew to document the experience in a documentary called “Virgins Wanted,” the same name as the auction website.

Migliorini says she will use most of the money to build homes for impoverished families. She also claims that the deal does not make her a prostitute because of it being a one-time thing.

“If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer,” said Migliorini.

A medical examination will be carried out on the student to ensure that she is in fact a virgin and the winner will have to consent to a background check and a medical evaluation prior to the consummation.

A male virgin, Alex Stepanov, also sold his virginity on the same website, but did not do as well as Migliorini. His highest bid was for $3,000. Ouch.

Check out these pictures of the hot Brazilian student so you can wish you were Natsu:

Catarina Migliorini

Catarina Migliorini

Catarina Migliorini

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