STUDY: Adorable Kittens Make You Work Better

Cute Kitten Sleeping

This is the scientific study the internet has been waiting for. Apparently, the internet is not a giant timesuck designed to fill your life with useless facts, porn, and cat videos. It’s actually been a productivity boosting machine this whole time! A new Japanese study has found that looking at cute images actually boosts productivity.


Boo The Dog

Congratulations, I just boosted your output for the day.

Basically, viewing cute images makes you happy, which helps you focus. It also gives your brain a break, allowing it to process whatever you’re working on. If you simply slog away at a focus-intensive task without taking a break, you’ll eventually wear down and won’t work as efficiently as you would if you took minor breaks to look at cat videos on the internet.

Be prepared to be the most productive you’ve ever been in your life:

(h/t TechDirt)

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