Taylor Swift Loses Kennedy Romance, Still Getting Kennedy Award

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights' Ripple of Hope Award

Looks like Taylor Swift is going to get a bit more than another sad “I loved him and he left me” song from her summer romance with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights' Ripple of Hope AwardThe beautiful couple is broken up following a summer of fifties’ style bikinis on her part and ducking school to hang out with Taylor on his part, but the singer with the perpetually broken heart will receive the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights’ Ripple of Hope Award.

The gala will be held on Dec. 3, and it’ll probably be an awkward outing, especially since by then she’ll likely be linked with yet another boyfriend/song fodder and take him as her date to the event. And let’s hope she doesn’t have a new song, “Conor, I Don’t Wanner” or something equally heartwrenching by then.

Of course, recognition by the Kennedys is just what Swift must want most, particularly after she blew a summer on their kid. There’s been a lot of media reports that say she was in love with being part of the whole Kennedy legend. Guess she hadn’t learned that the Kennedy men like beautiful blonde starlets: JFK had Marilyn Monroe and his son was with Daryl Hannah for years. But they don’t marry their blonde Hollywood types.

Of course, it’s hard to date a Kennedy when he’s still in high school and he’s got a curfew. A source told Page Six:

Conor has gone back to school, and the deans at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts are not happy about him jetting around with Taylor. He was due to attend an awards ceremony with her at the end of the summer, but the school chiefs put the kibosh on it. He can’t just leave school to be with her at every point.

Of course, there are a lot of eyebrows raised over the award,which has previously gone to notables such as Bono, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton and Al Gore – kind of heady company for a girl barely out of her teens. But the family denies Taylor’s summer romance with the young Kennedy affected the choice. Not like they’re going to admit it anyway, and it’s too late to snatch the award away from her. But wouldn’t it be cool if Kanye West showed up at the ceremony and tried to wrestle this one away and give it to Beyonce, too?

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights' Ripple of Hope Award

But President Kerry Kennedy, Conor’s aunt, said Taylor deserves the honor for more reasons besides the fact that she looks cute at the beach:

What strikes me most about Taylor is the work she does away from the spotlight — her leadership in the movement for arts education, her generosity to communities devastated by natural disaster and especially the compassion she’s shown as a proud defender against bullying and LGBTI discrimination. As my father Robert Kennedy said to the students of South Africa in 1966, our world’s hope rests with our youth.

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights' Ripple of Hope Award

And then, the family might just be trying to keep their new neighbor happy. Taylor’s going through with the purchase of a $4.9 million Hyannis Port, Mass. mansion, right across from Ethel Kennedy’s, even though she’d no longer canoodling with Conor.

Hey, who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out she’s got her sights on an older Kennedy. After all, it kind of sucks when your boyfriend still has a curfew.

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