Zumba Whorehouse Scandal: Kennebunk Awaits 2nd List of Exposed Johns

UPDATE NOV. 9: Read the 3rd List of Alleged Johns in the Zumba Whorehouse Scandal

UPDATE: Click Here to Read the New List of 18 More Suspected Zumba Whorehouse Johns

Zumba Brothel, Zumba Whorehouse, Alexis Wright, Alexis Wright Hot, Mark Strong, Kennebunk.

The small town in Maine that is at the center of the biggest prostitution scandal in the United States is bracing itself for the second batch of alleged john names, which is set to be released tomorrow.

It’s due to be made available to the public by Kennebunk Police. When contacted by, the local department had no confirmation on the exact time of the release. What is suspected is that the second list will continue more names than the original 21 that were published on October 16.

And unlike the original list, this one will contain ages, initials and suffixes as well as the addresses of the alleged johns. On the previous list, only the names were released, which led to complaints over the point of the information as it made it difficult for the public to identify those being charged.

A source told that “the cops are trying to get through the summonses as soon as possible, but there’s been no new information from them today”.

Zumba Brothel, Zumba Whorehouse, Alexis Wright, Alexis Wright Hot, Mark Strong, Kennebunk.

Alexis Wright (pictured above with her lawyer Sarah Churchill) is alleged to have been running a one-woman brothel from her Zumba dance studio in Kennebunk, Maine. She is facing 106 counts ranging from prostitution to tax evasion. The dance instructor is accused alongside Mark Strong Sr. (pictured below), who is charged with 59 counts relating to prostitution and criminal invasion.

Zumba Brothel, Zumba Whorehouse, Alexis Wright, Alexis Wright Hot, Mark Strong, Kennebunk.

The local police have launched a media offensive against the claims of Strong. The insurance agent and private investigator alleges that the case against him for criminal invasion and promotion of prostitution, is retaliation for his investigation into the Kennebunk Police Department. Strong said in a statement released through his lawyer, Daniel Lilley:

I am a licensed private investigator. At one point I conducted an investigation on Ms. Wright’s behalf because of concerns she had that the Kennebunk police department was harassing her. In the course of that investigation I discovered unprofessional conduct including an affair that a female officer, Audra Presby, was having with her superior officer. He resigned and she was suspended; there was no internal investigation.

Kennebunk Police Officer Audra Presby [pictured below] is the lead investigator against me in this case. The Kennebunk police department seized all my computers and external hard drive that contained the details of my investigation against them. They refuse to give that computer back to me or my attorney.

My investigation of the Kennebunk Police department also disclosed that a police officer shot a woman 4 times at point blank range and killed her. The Kennebunk police officer who killed her was never charged in the death.

Zumba Brothel, Zumba Whorehouse, Alexis Wright, Alexis Wright Hot, Mark Strong, Kennebunk.

These stories have been rebutted by the KPD
as they stated in their release that both incidents were widely reported. The incident involving Officer Presby was front page news throughout the town and occurred six months before Alexis Wright even moved to the area. In that case, the senior officer, Lt. Nick Higgins, was forced to resign in December 2009. At the time he told The Star Herald in Maine:

I have been going through a divorce and found myself engaging in dialog of a personal nature with a subordinate employee for emotional support so I decided to do what is right and step aside, resigning my position.”

There was no internal investigation in that instance because Higgins left the force, which is procedure according to Chief. Bob McKenzie.

Whereas the shooting he refers to, was the shooting of Katherine Paulson which was statewide news in 2011, so why Strong Sr. would be investigating the case on behalf of Alexis Wright is unclear. He had previously stated that he was only working for her at that point.

Zumba Brothel Scandal, Zumba Whorehouse, Alexis Wright, Mark Strong Sr, Josh Morneau, Kennebunk.

According to Mark Strong’s attornery, Daniel Lilley, in that shooting, the officer in question, officer Joshua Morneau (pictured above) is now in a relationship with and living with the only other officer, Sgt. Juliet Gilman, who was on the scene during that incident in 2011. Lilley told reporters this week, “It does have a funny smell”. Gilman stepped down from her position in June of this year, as the KPD investigated allegations of “fraternization” between officers. She stayed on with the force in a patrol position.

Meanwhile the town of Kennebunk while it is still reeling from the release of the first list it has to prepare to another batch of names. The local media have offered counseling and information about STDs which are a fear amongst such small community, especially seeing as the Zumba dance studio is alleged to have been a “one woman brothel”.

Zumba Brothel Scandal, Zumba Whorehouse, Alexis Wright, Mark Strong Sr, Josh Morneau, Kennebunk.

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