Paula Broadwell on David Petraeus: ‘Quite a Physical Specimen’

Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus.

David Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell told a conference in Aspen, Colorado, that the former Director of CIA was a “very close mentor.” She also told the crowd that she and the former general had a special relationship.

But most notably, in hindsight, was her comment that Petraeus was “quite a physical specimen.”


The comments were made in July at a conference at the Aspen Institute on the Military. She spoke about Petraeus’ love of physical fitness and how he prioritized his physical well-being. In less sexual innuendo, Broadwell, his biographer, said that a “clear line” had been created because of the classified information she had access to, but that she wouldn’t cross it.

This comes on the back of other comments Broadwell made about how their conversations sometimes “ran and ran, which was a lot of fun, our rapport increased.”

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