Rachael Maddow Eviscerates Romney’s Blatant Lies With Fact Checking

She may be an extreme leftest princess, but in this case, she’s extremely right.

With his electoral votes falling under President Obama’s, Mitt Romney is grasping at every straw-man argument he can find, even going as far to blatant lying based on faulty information ascertained from wobbly blogs and, basically, his imagination.

Jeep moving all their jobs to China? Not happening.

I mean, this man had the gall to conduct a speech condemning Obama’s stimulus package at a factory that was relieved with almost 3 quarters of a million dollars, saving their factory, and pushing back China’s under-priced product off our seaboards in order to stimulate the economy.

The only thing scarier than Romney’s willingness to lie, is the seemingly fact that he believes his own b.s.

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