Reddit Moderators Deleted President Obama’s Post for Editorializing

reddit deletse obama post

Reddit, the massively popular social news website with famously fickle moderators, yesterday yanked down a post from none other than President Barack Obama.

Moderators ruled that the title was “editorialized” — violating the site’s sacred rules.

Obama’s sinful headline? Take a look:

reddit removes Obama post

Obama — who in August did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit that set records for participation and put the rapidly growing site all the way onto the mainstream map — made the “editorialized” post to the r/politics subReddit around 5 p.m. on Election Night, urging Redditors to get out the vote.

When it was yanked, someone objected …

reddit removes obama post

… and the moderators did a 180 and reinstated the post. It got upvoted like crazy, generated press attention and racked up almost 8,000 comments. Also, Obama won the election.

Via Daily Dot

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